GOP Contenders Launch Attack Ads

Gingrich, Romney super PACs spend money on negative ads before Iowa caucus.
3:00 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for GOP Contenders Launch Attack Ads
With Christmas in the rearview mirror seven days -- the first votes are cast Republican contenders came out swinging today it's your voice your vote. And it is Jon Karl reports on the candidates and their shadow forces spending millions on scathing attacks. -- Christmas truce is over New Hampshire today Mitt Romney said Newt Gingrich needs to get his act together. Even comparing him to -- all of all people because he couldn't get enough signatures to get his name on the ballot in Virginia. If you compare that to. Pearl Harbor I think it's it's more like. Lucille Ball at the chocolate factory. I gotta get organized. Gingrich fired up his campaign bus in Iowa today. While outside groups supporting his campaign is one of those so called super pacs unveiled a new ad hitting his opponents as liberals. Don't that the liberal Republican establishment cucumber can -- On the airwaves were seeing eight doctored -- and mr. Hyde campaign is there doctor Jacqueline -- for example it plays nice we -- hated war -- his own campaign. I'm -- This message while mr. Hyde Romney savage is Newt Gingrich. That's paid for by this supposedly independent Romney super pac. -- -- retirement package like the fact that Gingrich was behind 300000. Dollars for ethics violations any candidate worth his or her salt these days as he split personality. He adds one by the candidates themselves. And the almost always nastier ads run by outside groups Gingrich and parent too liberal on integration too much baggage -- -- takes the outside groups are flush with cash because unlike the campaigns. There are no limits on how much money people can give them. -- pro Romney super -- has spent almost twice as much on television ads as the Romney campaign. -- -- -- -- -- Romney super pac is run by his former top lawyer much of the money coming from his colleagues being capital that. Rick Perry super -- is one by his former chief of staff. Just a short while ago Gingrich lashed out at Romney for those ads being run by the pro Romney super pac saying it's fine if he wants -- a negative campaign but quote. At least be man enough to own it that's your staff your organization and those are your millionaire friends and fort. Diane that's coming from the candidate in the race who has promised to run a positive --

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{"id":15242673,"title":"GOP Contenders Launch Attack Ads","duration":"3:00","description":"Gingrich, Romney super PACs spend money on negative ads before Iowa caucus.","url":"/WNT/video/gop-contenders-launch-attack-ads-15242673","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}