GOP Iowa Debate: Romney vs. Gingrich

Republican presidential contenders arrive in Iowa.
3:58 | 12/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GOP Iowa Debate: Romney vs. Gingrich
For one there was another rocky moment today ABC's Jake Tapper has the round -- of this -- political thrills. -- -- -- -- That's right Diane the race -- on the candidates are working hard and today has been a day. Of vicious attacks and at least one candidate -- -- -- Meet with candidates. Yeah -- they're here for tomorrow night's debate creativity and to win support there's Rick Santorum. There Sarah Palin. There is Mike Huckabee this is this has been around that a task. It more challenging -- -- moments as when Rick Perry today forgot the name of the Supreme Court justice. Not not a -- month -- or. -- -- sort of month. Back in Washington front runner Newt Gingrich today -- -- appearing in a podcast interview in which he. Helpfully explained why Mitt Romney opposed the contract with America as a senate candidate in 1984. He couldn't possibly have been -- a contract because. How do you how do you Lennon Massachusetts reluctant Teddy -- favorite big Gingrich contract. The airwaves and Iowa are starting to grow thick with candidate had many of them negative. The Gingrich record thirty years in Washington. Flip flopping on issues in Pella Iowa today at the windmill cafe pastor Vermeer a farmer seemed to symbolized -- the Republican Party finds itself at the moment. I am not -- -- -- -- -- It's between two she likes Gingrich has experience and Romney's personal life and story. The most important thing to her she does not want four more years of Obama. I went to Republican candidates would be the best candidate that we can put forward soon ran against. Now the Romney campaign. -- -- and has shown a willingness to make its attacks. A little bit more. Personal than the other campaigns one surrogate for governor Romney the former governor of New Hampshire John Sununu said today of Gingrich that his mind isn't so hot. And his commitment. It is terrible. So in response the top supporter for the Gingrich campaign in Iowa said all the Romney attacks. Are a load of crap. -- -- This is more than just gloves off Jake thanks to -- bring in GMA co anchor George Stephanopoulos. So in -- what are Mitt Romney's advisors saying. -- tonight to get him pumped for this is your moment. Every nominee gets tests every nominee has a fight. It's you have the fight right now you can just come out of nowhere to stop that moment. To do it. In a way you don't appear -- that's where you can -- -- think drawing distinctions on policy. Not on personality your temper. You think he wants to -- Oh yeah. Oh yeah I can get absolutely you want the fight you want to be able to beat someone who's had an esteemed who's had moment now the challenge. On the other hand on the other hand what are the strategists for Iraq -- -- isn't paying. This very moment every nominee gets tested -- new but new has to do something a little bit different. -- he's done in the past debates he's never really been on the attack and he'd been attacked in these debates he's been able to play the statesman and -- we're all in this together tomorrow night. Not only Mitt Romney Ron Paul Michelle Bachmann Rick Santorum they're going to be attacking him. He's got to find a way to counter attack. To deflect the attacks without appearing to get unhinged. Or without appearing at this feathers ruffled in -- -- because he knows. There are big questions about his temperament. It is as we -- -- kind of political high noon and you and I will be there moderating tomorrow night we want to remind you. It is tomorrow night Republican contenders right here at Drake university and Iowa. 9 PM eastern 6 Pacific we will be moderating and George and I hope all of you will be joining us.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Republican presidential contenders arrive in Iowa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15125837","title":"GOP Iowa Debate: Romney vs. Gingrich","url":"/WNT/video/gop-iowa-debate-romney-gingrich-15125837"}