Government shutdown stalemate turning into a battle over blame

Negotiations seemingly going nowhere and both sides are blaming each other.
3:20 | 01/21/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Government shutdown stalemate turning into a battle over blame
The tense negotiations in a bitterly divided Washington. 81 of the government shut down and right now no end in sight. The White House accusing the Democrats of throwing a temper tantrum in front of the American people. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer saying the president can't make a deal and the Republicans won't. The sticking point right now for both sides and issues surrounding the children of undocumented immigrants and to the statue of liberty you see it there close today. Tens of thousands of government workers bracing for four lows and now the waiting game who will blink first. And if no one does who will be blamed ABC's cannon bone starts us off from Capitol Hill. It can do that today and tonight. Did one of the shut down still leaves turning into battle over brewing that we simply crazy things in Washington. But this is madness. Day one. Senate Democrats government shut down there's little evidence of progress we are scrambled to label there were shut down under president trump. Were about nine hours into the Schumer shut down. This is a shut down. That. President trump well. The president tweeting this is the one year anniversary of my presidency. The Democrats wanted to give me a vice president he promised infrastructure. He gave us to change. And now. One year anniversary. A big fat failure F. Democrats drawing a line in the Singapore Monday measure that includes a fix for the dreamers. Nearly 800000 and documented immigrants brought to the US is children. Overnight frantic negotiations in less than a behind closed doors and even on the floor. Some people are going to have to. To get off their absorption come to their senses the clock striking midnight with no agreement on the one month stopgap measure has already passed the house. GOP senator Lindsey Graham desperately tried to rally support for three weeks of funding. I feel like I'm Switzerland. Bloody army this isn't it. Tonight democratic senate leader Chuck Schumer revealing new. About his party ninety minute Oval Office meeting with the president should recede he even offered to include funding for the border wall as part of a deal. The president said many times he would take a deal that included doctor in exchange for the wall. I put that deal on the table but she recessed hours later trump called changing his mind negotiating with president trump. Is like negotiating with cello if negotiating with the president is like negotiating with jello as you said. Then high gonna get it done and are you going to go back to the White House this weekend is still very very hard given the past history and what I've said. But you always got to be willing to try and I am. A bipartisan deal on the dreamers the president rejected this still being worked on. I don't think you're going into your person quarters of throwing a temper tantrums thought right way to do it it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Kist joins us live now from Capitol Hill in tenant union to work in both chambers of congress all day any chance of a deal soon. Tom lawmakers on both sides are talking and negotiating but there appears to be. No progress at this point congress is racing against the clock that we can is giving them some time or got a doable for those 800000 federal employees. We'll be furloughed on Monday.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Negotiations seemingly going nowhere and both sides are blaming each other.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52493523","title":"Government shutdown stalemate turning into a battle over blame","url":"/WNT/video/government-shutdown-stalemate-turning-battle-blame-52493523"}