Grandma Arrested for Boarding Plane With Gun

Female passenger, 65, creates security scare after boarding a plane with a gun.
2:03 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Grandma Arrested for Boarding Plane With Gun
And we want to tell you about the security scare that created upheaval at another American airport delaying thousands of travelers and the problem. A 65. Year old woman who had a gun in a bag. And then disappeared into the terminal she was arrested tonight airport security is again on the hot seat and here's ABC's Lisa stark. It was a mad scramble at the Dallas Fort Worth airport after security screeners spotted a gun in a carry on computer back. By the time security agents went to pull the -- it was gone and so was the passenger. Officers -- security tapes to pinpoint the passenger and fanned out across all five terminals shutting down terminal. Even boarding flights -- had already loaded. They finally found their passenger a 65 year old woman on an American Airlines jet bound for Houston. It had already pulled from the gate and had to be called back. The woman identified as Judith -- her bag and a 38 caliber pistol were taken off the jet. She reportedly told agents she had forgotten she habit. Every other passenger was re screened that flight took off over an hour late ten other flight -- Also -- most of airport security is. Security theater. And that's unfortunate. Weapons and other items have -- gotten through. Since 9/11 there had been more than 25000. Security breaches at airports including this -- at Newark international. When a -- boyfriend snuck through security exit to -- his girlfriend goodbye. Thousands of passengers had to be re screamed. TSA insists most of these breaches were minor. The agency has also come under attack for being too aggressive with invasive pat downs of children and the elderly. Now as for the woman and today is -- -- faces state felony charges of carrying a weapon where it's prohibited. And Diane she also faces thousands of dollars in federal civil penalties.

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{"id":15389993,"title":"Grandma Arrested for Boarding Plane With Gun","duration":"2:03","description":"Female passenger, 65, creates security scare after boarding a plane with a gun.","url":"/WNT/video/grandma-arrested-boarding-plane-gun-15389993","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}