Grandma Claims Lotto Jackpot

Powerball winner takes home $336.4 million.
2:18 | 03/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grandma Claims Lotto Jackpot
-- lottery mystery has been solved tonight a woman from Rhode Island claiming a staggering powerball jackpot 336. Point four million dollars. The sixth largest lottery prize in American history. But will should be the unusual lottery winner who hangs on to her fortune or will she lose it like so many others. ABC's -- -- in Rhode Island tonight. If money can't buy happiness Louise -- doesn't know yet I'm very happy. And I'm very notes the 81 year old came forward today to collect the 336. Billion dollar jackpot. She's chosen a lump sum pay out a cool 210 million the largest cash award in powerball history. Her oversized check is written now to the rainbow shirt or trust it's what her son was craving what the two of them went out on -- late night dessert run a few weeks ago. He brought his -- belongs to the local grocery store where you -- some -- -- sure -- His mom -- three power politics. This will make my family. Very happy -- -- -- thank you. And that's all she would say probably a Smart move as we've seen with past Lotto winners more money can amount to more problems. Jack Whitaker won 315. Million dollars. It all went downhill from there a lawsuit a divorce alcohol problems. This video shows the moment he hit rock bottom sitting on a stoop outside a strip club. He brought in a briefcase stuffed with half a million dollars in cash and it was stolen right from under his nose. Sandra Hayes won a 224. Million dollar powerball jackpot with some coworkers and was immediately besieged by people looking for a handout. It got so bad -- -- to stop answering her phone -- liked my -- had a date. -- -- Sandra says a stranger even showed up at her door wanting a piece of the action. You make your -- money. Did not admit that money make you. About -- -- change who you more. -- -- a happy life as for Louise -- her winnings have already given her 210. Million reasons to smile. Lindsey Davis ABC news Newport, Rhode Island.

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{"id":15862716,"title":"Grandma Claims Lotto Jackpot","duration":"2:18","description":"Powerball winner takes home $336.4 million.","url":"/WNT/video/grandma-claims-rhode-island-lotto-jackpot-15862716","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}