Gruesome Find Rocks Cleveland Suburb

Three female bodies found wrapped in plastic; suspected serial killer in custody
2:18 | 07/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gruesome Find Rocks Cleveland Suburb
We begin tonight with that chilling headline from east cleveland. Authorities believe they could have a serial killer in custody. Three bodies found already. Investigators say they've been told by the suspect there could be more. All of them women. Police, the sheriff's department, the fbi all on the scene tonight. Of course, this comes just two months since that awful discovery in cleveland, those three young women rescued from a home after years in captivity, tied in the basement and their bedrooms. This new situation just miles away. Rob nelson leads us off. Reporter: Today in east cleveland, police searched vacant houses in search of more victims in the latest gruesome crime spree to rock the area. Police say more bodies could be found, the work of an alleged serial killer that has, again, left this community on edge. Something like this is upsetting for me and my children and grandchildren. Reporter: After a friday standoff, police arrested this man, 35-year-old michael madison. He's not been officially charged. Authorities believe he's connected to the recent murders of at least three women. Their bodies found scattered throughout his neighborhood, wrapped if plastic. It's been three so far. We believe he's responsible for all three. So there's -- there's no way we can say for sure that that would be it. Reporter: After discovering the body of a woman friday, police found two more yesterday. One in a backyard. Another in a basement of a vacant house near the home that madison, a convicted sex offender, shares with his mother. It's kind of scary out here. I'm about ready to leave. As a matter of fact, I am moving. Reporter: The grisly discoveries about ten miles from the cleveland home of ariel castro, the man two allegedly held three women captive for a deca decade. The mayor of east cleveland believes madison may have been inspired by another infamous murder spree in cleveland. In 2011, anthony sowell was convicted on the murders of 11 women. A man who spent time in prison with madison said that madison looked up to sowell. Police have not yet released the names of the three east cleveland victims. But believe the murders took place in the last two weeks. Tonight, the police chief says it's possible that another one or two victims could still be found.

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{"id":19730211,"title":"Gruesome Find Rocks Cleveland Suburb","duration":"2:18","description":"Three female bodies found wrapped in plastic; suspected serial killer in custody ","url":"/WNT/video/gruesome-find-rocks-cleveland-suburb-19730211","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}