Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast dealing with triple threat

Tropical storm Imelda slams Texas shore while Hurricane Humberto kicks up rip currents.
1:34 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast dealing with triple threat
And we begin with the tropical storm slamming Texas and the gulf right now. And the hurricane strengthening off the east coast. And now a third system we're watching at this hour. Look at the map tonight. Tropical storm Imelda slamming ashore in galveston and elsewhere at this hour. And there's hurricane Humberto gaining strength tonight with concern over dangerous rip currents. And still in that time of year. Look out there. Now a new tropical depression forming, heading towards the this is early, but it could be a hurricane by Friday. Images coming in tonight, strong winds coming ashore and battering galveston and kicking up fierce floods in the south. We want to get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee who has been tracking this all afternoon. First off, this tropical storm. Reporter: Yes, tropical tomorrow Imelda. It was named and made landfall within an hour. We knew there was a lot of rain coming with it. More than four inches, already reported in galveston. Just north of galveston. So, now we're going to be watching from Beaumont over into Louisiana, back to bay city, Texas city could see up to a foot or more of rain in the next 36 hours. Let's move to the atlantic now. We've got hurricane Humberto, a cat 2 hurricane. Should be a major hurricane by tomorrow. Bermuda is in hurricane warning. They shouldn't have direct impact, but huge search, major rains and 6 to 11-foot waves here in North Carolina to Florida. And finally, that tropical depression. It looks like models have it turning away from the united States, but it's far too early right now. For sure. Ginger, thank you. We're going to turn next tonight to the teenage girl

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"Tropical storm Imelda slams Texas shore while Hurricane Humberto kicks up rip currents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"65678002","title":"Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast dealing with triple threat","url":"/WNT/video/gulf-coast-atlantic-coast-dealing-triple-threat-65678002"}