New Gun Law: Nicknamed 'Guns Everywhere'

Georgia's governor signs controversial bill that significantly expands where residents can carry firearms.
1:40 | 04/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Gun Law: Nicknamed 'Guns Everywhere'
news tonight, a new challenge on the highly issue on guns in America. Georgia has opened a new front of a debate. The governor signed a bill nicknamed the guns everywhere bill, churches, bars, school, ABC breaks it down. Reporter: Critics are calling it the guns everywhere law. It's either the motor frightening or most Progressive gun laws in the country. Long over due. Starting July 1st people in Georgia can bring firearms into bars, libraries, churches and people convicted of certain miss Dee meerns can get gun permits and police cannot stop someone because they suspect their carrying an undisclosed gun. The law gives businesses the right to say no with a sign or notice banning guns. Georgia's governor signed the law with pleasure today. I will put into law a gun bill that helps self-defense, personal liberties and public safety. Reporter: Here there are many supporters. People should be able to carry it on their person wherever they go. Reporter: When we visited this gun range we met everyone from college kids to executives. You should still have the right to be able to protect yourself. Reporter: Across the country gun control supporters are sounding the alarm. To do it in the name of safety, it's tragic. Reporter: They say Georgia went the wrong way. Steve osunsami, ABC news, Atlanta.

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{"id":23446891,"title":"New Gun Law: Nicknamed 'Guns Everywhere'","duration":"1:40","description":"Georgia's governor signs controversial bill that significantly expands where residents can carry firearms.","url":"/WNT/video/gun-law-nicknamed-guns-23446891","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}