Gun Show Goes on Despite Sandy Hook Outrage

Guns were antiques, but Stamford, Conn., mayor said show should have been canceled.
1:54 | 01/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gun Show Goes on Despite Sandy Hook Outrage
Of course it was just this week the children of Connecticut sandy hook elementary school went back to school to a different building where their desks were delivered their pencils and -- still inside the drawers. This weekend not far from that community -- controversy over a gun show being held the debate largely over how close the show is to -- town. And how soon after the tragedy. ABC's mark Greenblatt is in Stamford Connecticut tonight. Just forty miles away from sandy hook elementary a gun show in Stamford Connecticut decided the show must go on year. It's happening in the same city where the gunman's father lives. The timing of -- show insensitive. To heat so soon after the shooting some clues to where they took place I don't I don't have a solid opinion and I'm not. Forward and to but I would defend it by saying that it wants -- the -- But the death of 21 graders in six staff members -- sandy hook. Prompted for other gun shows within an hour's drive to cancel -- -- including one planned in nearby Waterbury. I felt and the timing of a gun show. So close to that tragic event. Would be in bad taste. But across the country attendance at gun shows is -- buyers today at this Minnesota show says they're expecting tighter gun laws -- I see a lot of panic buying. Packed in Stamford dealers say they're doing nothing wrong even as survivors who live close by try to move forward back to make a living life goes on. They say they're not selling any assault weapons here just antique guns for collectors. Still -- mayor called the gun show insensitive. We're just -- in the mayor. I say is wrong. -- Why is he wrong -- of the private thing he should be expressing his opinion on. The opinion here it's just business mark Greenblatt ABC news in Stamford Connecticut.

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{"id":18140947,"title":"Gun Show Goes on Despite Sandy Hook Outrage","duration":"1:54","description":"Guns were antiques, but Stamford, Conn., mayor said show should have been canceled.","url":"/WNT/video/gun-show-sandy-hook-outrage-18140947","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}