Gunman Allegedly Kills a TSA Officer at LAX Terminal 3

Eyewitness recalls panic and pandemonium as travelers fled to safety in nation's 3rd busiest airport.
1:22 | 11/01/13

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Transcript for Gunman Allegedly Kills a TSA Officer at LAX Terminal 3
-- begin with -- chaos and panic at LAX today in Los Angeles a lone gunman pulling that semi automatic rifle from his bag and opening fire right in the middle of the morning rush. Families in the security line told the run to take shelter wherever they could hear in a bathroom. Outside passengers fleeing their bags in tow TSA officers comforting one another. It happened here at terminal three where jetBlue spirit frontier all their flights take off right the security gates passengers lined up ready to take off shoes and belts. Tonight here the very latest developments the alleged shooter now in custody there on the ground the powerful weapon. He's believed -- used the FBI now confirming his name 23 year old Paul Anthony C on -- And -- this evening that his family reportedly had -- in touch with authorities before hand. A note found at the scene believed to have included anti government beliefs. Among his victims TSA officer shot and killed the first TSA officer ever killed in the line of duty. These are aerial pictures were station in Los Angeles KE BC late today. And tonight one of the busiest airport still with a heavy police presence we do have team coverage tonight on this fast moving investigation and we lead off with ABC's David Wright. On the scene. A panicked rush hour Friday morning here at the nation's third busiest airport and a terrifying announcement. 9:20 AM the suspect marched up to the TSA checkpoint in terminal three. Pulled out -- high powered rifle and opened fire first hour now I mean. There was a loud bangs -- if you had just shown his ID at the terminal three screening area people -- or at that everybody panics. Everybody -- to the ground and started crawling across the ground really quickly eyewitnesses say the gunman appeared to be aiming at TSA officers killing one of them wounding at least three others. That together for the passengers and workers and LA -- pandemonium. Those passengers hiding in the bathroom as everyone ran for the exits -- ducked for cover. Yeah. Looking glass to -- nights dancing down the escalator. And I tell my -- one -- eighth grade we ran everybody hated police even let some passengers out onto the tarmac where a search was already under way. Authorities briefly believed there was a second gunman. The EU ended up in the wrong spot. I went out in emergency exit and ran down onto the tarmac -- running across tarmac the cops come to me. Thinking -- -- maybe the guy and ends up down on the ground handcuffed and I was left there on the ground for. Ten minutes they thought you were the suspect I think -- well absolutely the real gunman was inside the terminal having shot his way past the checkpoint. Suspect that back very far into a terminal there's a Burger King that is quite a ways away. From that from the screening station and he was able to get back there. That's where authorities cornered him and shot him you could see his gun there on the floor. Police have now determined he was acting alone -- -- additional. Rounds of this gunman. And the fact that these officers were able to neutralize the threat as they did. There -- more than a hundred more rounds that could literally killed everybody in that terminal today. Authorities briefly stopped air traffic in and out of LA acts outside the established a wide perimeter around the airport creating gridlock on city streets. Arriving and departing passengers at the -- All their luggage. These people now hoping it in with their bags they've been waiting at the perimeter of the airport all day long. And now they finally gets set to reopen some of the terminals they're hoping to catch their flights needless to say David -- -- take awhile for things to get back to normal here. David Wright leading us off tonight David our thanks to you when you heard from those frightened witnesses and -- report -- using their luggage. For cover tonight our interview here -- one passenger in that security line. Who suddenly found himself staring down the barrel of that gun. What he said to the gunman he told me it saved his life. Leon it's David Muir in New York -- for joining us and first of all what did you see. I heard the gunshots I was going to security gate I saw people hit the ground. And scurrying and -- they destroyed people who Rockport beginning. I ran down the hallway the TSA agent who was quickly ran away store. And I. With this power in a corner when I was Gary and a quarter. Shooter came by and he's carrying a rifle and he looked -- -- and -- he said he had state with a question mark. And I district might -- any -- on bill. Looking down. Breaks it down the barrel well done my life went right before my 22 and a half feet long rifle. I just shook my head in and -- in the corner. And -- extraordinary Leon we're glad you're okay you had just gone through security -- you're picking up here your belongings what out of the bins. Right yeah exactly yet figured belt object big -- -- It's hard to run would -- -- notions but the TSA people wanted me out of -- security area. Does that mean he made his way through security as -- was inside the terminal yet. Yeah yes yes absolutely it must've went when the shots rang out beat the TSA agents -- meanwhile I was trying to. You know call -- -- let her know that she would I was okay. Fully on its harrowing tale we're glad you were able to call your wife and teller you're okay. -- just trying to get home to Milwaukee we hope he's home safe.

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{"id":20762026,"title":"Gunman Allegedly Kills a TSA Officer at LAX Terminal 3","duration":"1:22","description":"Eyewitness recalls panic and pandemonium as travelers fled to safety in nation's 3rd busiest airport.","url":"/WNT/video/gunman-allegedly-kills-tsa-officer-lax-terminal-20762026","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}