Gunman Opens Fire at Oregon Mall

Deadly shooting at Clackamas Town Center mall near Portland, Ore.
3:10 | 12/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gunman Opens Fire at Oregon Mall
The breaking news of another safe haven for American families shattered by gunfire -- shooting at the mall outside -- Oregon. Those eyewitnesses describing a man with a white masks body armor -- semi automatic rifle. The gunshots ringing out one after the other as families were trapped near -- familiar places. Names like Macy's and olive garden. It is still a developing story the news is still coming -- -- for the latest on who was shooting. And how many were killed ABC's David Wright has these breaking details right now David. Good evening Diane this is as you say a developing story but here's what we know so far at least one person killed possibly more. Others injured in a mall shooting a shooting that apparently broke out near the food court of the clack -- -- town center shopping mall it happened this afternoon. In -- -- busy with holiday shoppers including many children. Police say the gunman has been neutralized. Unclear if that means he is in custody or dead -- It was just before 330 this afternoon when shoppers at this Portland area mall heard shots ring out and people started running for the exits -- -- -- at 338 after about two -- I'm I wanted -- to court went downstairs and a kiosk just right below the food court when I got there. -- stockroom employee also heard of the danger of becoming -- -- and we got down. And then all of a -- -- -- five seconds later we heard rapid fire bang bang bang bang bang and I just took off running. I mean I don't know where my employee is -- -- she still inside the mall. Witnesses described a man with a automatic weapon wearing camouflage clothing possibly body armor and amassed. Many were on the phone with ABC's affiliate K two in Portland locked inside the mall describing the terrible scene of events as it unfolded -- One said the mall Santa Claus dropped to his knees to avoid the gunfire. We actually are currently analog and try to restore on the mall with about ten people. And swat teams are currently going around the mall trying to apprehend a suspect I don't always do. You saw two people shot and how serious. We had to bring people ever back from -- so intended to look like they made it -- One shopper tweeted out this photo from inside a locked store. Police say the gunman has been neutralized but they are taking precautions going store to store to see if anyone may still be trapped inside -- if there may be any accomplices. At this point this is no longer an active shooter -- the shooters that neutralized. And we are securing the mall securing the scene and treating the wounded. Police say the crime scene has calmed down considerably. But no indication yet who this gunman might be or what his possible motives might be. Or even his -- was he shooting randomly or shooting at targeted individuals. One thing to underscore here though this is the holiday shopping season across the country and this is -- to send shockwaves across America. As people absorb yet another shooting Rampage -- Thank you David and I know you'll be tracking the developments throughout the night on this story.

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{"id":17939330,"title":"Gunman Opens Fire at Oregon Mall","duration":"3:10","description":"Deadly shooting at Clackamas Town Center mall near Portland, Ore.","url":"/WNT/video/gunman-opens-fire-oregon-mall-17939330","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}