Guns in America: Gun Ownership and Crimes by the Numbers

ABC's Pierre Thomas discusses gun-related issues amid renewed gun control debate.
2:24 | 12/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Guns in America: Gun Ownership and Crimes by the Numbers
This of course is the deadliest shooting at an elementary school ever in this country and after every one of these shootings -- nation asks are there any solutions. Tonight here we begin that conversation with a look at guns in America ABC's senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas with the numbers tonight. On Black Friday US shoppers were not just buying toys and electronics. We're also buying guns in record numbers. -- that single day the FBI did computerized background checks on more than a 154000. Purchases of firearms. And in November alone Americans tried to buy a whopping two million guns here are some facts that might surprise you. There are more registered gun dealers and scores than major supermarkets more gun sellers and McDonald's restaurants. The overwhelming majority of gun users are law abiding citizens. Authorities -- ABC news the millions of guns already in circulation guarantee that disturb people will often be able to obtain them. Even in quiet communities like new town we spoke to the ATF are on scene commander. In roughly how many gun dealers -- in this area. There are about 400 gun dealers and a four county area just within ten miles of the -- there -- 36 gun dealers. Police believe the guns Adam -- used on his killing spree were bought legally in America -- -- you have a felony conviction. Or you -- you're adjudicated by court to be mentally incompetent. Do you have ready access to firearms. Plans are now joins the ranks of other mass shooters as though the nation is left with a vexing question. How do you keep weapons from men like these. When there are an estimated 200 million plus guns. Already in circulation bright. -- go back. That means if we stop selling guns today for ever we're likely to have this problem for years to come. They're just so many guns out they gave up something if we stopped at all even today we still have an enormous problem on our hands here thanks to you and that leads us to. Pointing out to our viewers that over the next couple of days the weeks to come. A very special effort this week at ABC news on every ABC news program at will be starting a national conversation about guns violence about mental illness. Is it finally time that we do something as a nation to help stop the killing what can we agree on where are the solutions. Our coverage all next week tragedy -- sandy hook the search for solutions.

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{"id":17993662,"title":"Guns in America: Gun Ownership and Crimes by the Numbers","duration":"2:24","description":"ABC's Pierre Thomas discusses gun-related issues amid renewed gun control debate.","url":"/WNT/video/guns-america-gun-ownership-crimes-numbers-17993662","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}