'Hunger Games' Heroine

A look at the movie's message about strong young women.
3:43 | 03/24/12

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Transcript for 'Hunger Games' Heroine
The movie millions are seeing this weekend hunger games spending -- and a number that we couldn't believe selling twelve tickets per second. Tonight here ABC's Abbie Boudreau on the hunger for heroines. The movie in the message already -- sending about strong women. -- and shattering numbers at the box office. It's also shattering the typical image of a young -- -- Move over Edward move over and shake up. This time the strongest character quite literally is -- -- averaging. Just beat the powerful stereo -- -- written. A message heard by young women and men across the country since its early years. Girls don't have to break here. Whatever -- -- Hollywood's -- -- it total transforming from a red carpet is -- to a Boeing narrowed toting bomb shafts. And just today -- personal trainer revealed to us how the star transformed her body. Her secret grueling obstacle courses running biking and even training with an Olympic medalist in archery. Shooting eighty arrows today for months telling -- Robin Roberts about the tape around her legs. So she could run even faster and -- just taking my clothes to make my -- out. I'm really didn't -- it -- Jennifer Lawrence isn't the first she's a welcome addition. Remember Angelina Jolie this is nice to have -- -- -- often the movie to -- And Uma Thurman in kill bill. Even Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby. But for now it's Jennifer Lawrence coming out swinging. Inspiring other young women across the country to -- -- fighting -- And while fans are lining up for archery and boot camps it's not too late to line up from movie tickets to. Although the -- been completely sold out for being told there are tickets available this weekend. At least for now.

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{"id":15995461,"title":"'Hunger Games' Heroine ","duration":"3:43","description":"A look at the movie's message about strong young women.","url":"/WNT/video/h-unger-games-teen-movie-book-women-15995461","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}