Hairdresser on Job Since 1940s

Census trend shows more Americans work well past the retirement age.
1:38 | 12/03/11

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Transcript for Hairdresser on Job Since 1940s
What about nine -- Here's ABC's Claire Shipman. Her trademark -- -- basically unchanged since the 1940s. This curls she guesses recreated. A million times. But for ninety year old hairdresser friend acres of -- it's not about the numbers financial or otherwise. That makes me very happy. -- -- -- I don't like to stay now. That sentiment makes branding it part of an even bigger numbers -- Census Bureau released data this week that a record 13% of our population is over 65. And six million of them also unprecedented. Just won't quit. Like Tony ailment I've buddy you're -- the hatred deep the rides on managing thousand customers a day at Washington's landmark -- debit grill. I -- budding alliance. He's far too busy to focus on that other number that used to slow people down -- 646. Floors. -- You feel 64. Now I feel great piece of virtuoso at the daily -- -- squaring of eager patrons with limited space. But I just hope I do as a lot of fun thing -- Oau and it turns out that Tony and -- -- -- part of yet another statistic. The fifty and up crowd has more job satisfaction than any other age group. They've mastered their work now perhaps they have the wisdom to actually appreciate it. And urge others to do the same -- -- -- can weren't. Keep on black and its -- five Claire Shipman ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"1:38","description":"Census trend shows more Americans work well past the retirement age.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15077443","title":"Hairdresser on Job Since 1940s","url":"/WNT/video/hairdresser-working-1940s-15077443"}