Haley Barbour Defends Mississippi Pardons

Governor responds to controversy over freeing of convicted murderers.
1:38 | 01/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Haley Barbour Defends Mississippi Pardons
The vanishing governor has finally surfaced the tough talking Republican Haley Barbour who has been under fire for using his last few days and office. To issue nearly 200 pardons including four convicted murderers. Finally his talking explaining his decision here's ABC's Steve -- -- summing -- what -- saying tonight. We've been chasing the former Mississippi governor for days at a speech -- and board his home in Mississippi. At his office is here as well -- now hopeless. And today he finally showed up and gave everyone an earful. He stood by every one of the pardons including the four convicted murderers he set free. He did not apologize one bit saying that he's a religious man who believes in forgiveness and second chances. And for the more than 200 people he pardoned this week some of them murderers rapists and thieves his pardon is their second chance. Barbour says he understands the emotions behind the outrage over his decision. And -- like the relatives of Tammy Ellis who was shot dead by an estranged husband who is now free families who call on a power. But he says the state shouldn't be delivering revenge. Of all the more than 200 last minute pardons he issued much of the anger comes from the four convicted murderers who worked at the governor's mansion and were set free for their service. Mississippi's attorney general is vowing to stop some of the pardons and potentially return some of the inmates to jail if necessary. Tonight the department of corrections has heard from four of those former inmates who worked at the governor's mansion who were set free they've been war. That their -- could be challenged and they could be returned to jail. -- Sami ABC news Jackson Mississippi.

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{"id":15358336,"title":"Haley Barbour Defends Mississippi Pardons","duration":"1:38","description":"Governor responds to controversy over freeing of convicted murderers.","url":"/WNT/video/haley-barbour-defends-mississippi-pardons-15358336","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}