Halloween Snowstorm Headed to Northeast

Winter weather hits Texas and Colorado, moves toward East Coast.
3:00 | 10/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Halloween Snowstorm Headed to Northeast
All of us looking out the window from Virginia to Maine may be doing a double take the calendar says one thing but the skies say another look at this. A massive winter storm marching across the country poised to hit the northeast the system is already dumped snow in Texas. A full -- of Halloween snow in Colorado. And now it's poised to -- a record. Since the civil war ABC Cecilia Vega is in Washington tonight where they're bracing themselves Cecilia. Good evening Diane here in DC -- snowplows are lined up and ready to go they spent the entire day doing practice runs all around this city. The nation's capital could see its first snowfall of the season by Saturday afternoon. It's supposed to come at Christmas who has ever heard of a white Halloween. -- -- But snow is coming to parts of the country where people usually don't have to Wear parkas and boots to go trick or treating. The doesn't follow the calendar the weather follows ingredients -- right now all the ingredients are available. For a major East Coast snowstorm. Meteorologists say the same storm that battered parts of Colorado and Wyoming this week and Amarillo Texas early this morning. Is now headed east where it's cold -- will collide with moisture coming up from the tropics. A classic nor'easter. Heavy rain. Perhaps sending us a little bit of snow along the I 95 -- or strong gusty winds that will really hit southern New England. And probably caused some coastal flooding is well. And on the backside of -- -- and that's what we're going to see -- heavy wet snow. All this in cities that aren't used to mobilizing for such an early winter storm. The nation's capital hasn't seen snow in October in more than three decades. If the white stuff sticks in New York City and historic flashback there hasn't been an inch of snowfall before Halloween since the civil war. What's not -- so worried about it fewer early flakes. The heavy wet snow blanketing fall leaves means more weight on the branches leading to more broken power lines and not drainage system. Experts say folks should expect travel delays on the weekend menu from Washington all the way up to Boston. Now this storm should be gone by Halloween but if you live anywhere near the path of this monster it could be a very cold. And wet night of trick or treating.

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{"id":14838967,"title":"Halloween Snowstorm Headed to Northeast","duration":"3:00","description":"Winter weather hits Texas and Colorado, moves toward East Coast.","url":"/WNT/video/halloween-snowstorm-headed-northeast-14838967","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}