New Hampshire Primary Results: Romney Wins

Mitt Romney projected to win in New Hampshire following Iowa victory.
3:41 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for New Hampshire Primary Results: Romney Wins
We have that big news tonight from New Hampshire where we have a winner in the Republican primary taking us one step closer. To the presidential election in November governor Mitch Romney has won and he has one. Decisively. ABC news can also project congressman Ron Paul and second and governor Jon Huntsman and third. And this -- governor Mitt Romney is now done something no other Republican challenger to a president has ever done swept Iowa and New Hampshire. It's your voice your vote and David viewers that Romney headquarters for the rousing response there tonight David. They are alternating Mitt Mitt -- and their applause here Diane tonight a huge win for Mitt Romney here in New Hampshire making history. -- -- -- Republican to do so other than incumbents since the seventies the New Hampshire was moved up you -- -- governor Romney. Onstage behind me with his five sons his wife and of course -- -- -- -- -- there. -- -- -- The state has always been a very special place for -- for our family. And I've made -- home here we filled it with great memories of our children our grandchildren. The granite state moment -- just enjoyed is one we will always remember and I MI five sons behind me and our daughters in -- and grandkids somewhere around -- where there right behind. It's great have family here. You know tonight we celebrate tomorrow we go back to work. And -- We do remember when Barack Obama came to New Hampshire four years ago. He he promised to bring people together. He promised to change the broken system in Washington he promised to improve our nation. Those were the days of lofty promises made by -- hopeful candidate. Today we're faced with a disappointing record of a failed president. Tomorrow they go back to work talking about South Carolina to campaign telling me tonight and they are ecstatic about this win. They did play well and as you know -- -- He says he likes being able to fire people -- talking about insurance companies and that. Americans should be able to fire them that they're not happy -- Now they say -- Sounds to me this evening that that will be much different continents but they are already had the whole -- -- Diane and I told you. Possible the younger children and grandchildren -- the Muppet movie but tonight Mitt Romney proving it was very possible New Hampshire -- Hi David Muir of -- headquarters let's bring in George Stephanopoulos so tell us what you've learned from the exit polls about how this happened. We know the voters looking for someone could be President Obama and they thought that Mitt Romney was that person looking this most important quality can defeat Obama got 59%. Of those votes no one else even close to -- new -- second 14% Ron Paul. And -- -- we also you know David talked about the front -- treatment for Mitt Romney over this last couple of days. We see some. -- fact there if you look at the voters who decided early they went pretty well for Mitt Romney 45%. To 25% for Ron Paul but among those who decided. In the last few days the boat was a little bit more splinter he saw his vote totals go down another important thing that happened tonight Diane. Huge turnout from independents. In New Hampshire they were nearly half. For the Republican primary and we have been saying that this has to be one of the things that the White House has got to watch -- closely those big independence.

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{"id":15335053,"title":"New Hampshire Primary Results: Romney Wins","duration":"3:41","description":"Mitt Romney projected to win in New Hampshire following Iowa victory.","url":"/WNT/video/hampshire-primary-results-romney-wins-15335053","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}