Hazing Investigation

The infamous band hazing incident triggers a homicide investigation.
1:39 | 12/17/11

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Transcript for Hazing Investigation
Now to developments in the death of a band member of Florida a and M university the state medical Examiner's office is now labeling it a homicide and so tonight the question how high up -- the blame go. Here's ABC's Matt -- The medical Examiner's report was as blunt as those blows Florida -- and drum major -- champion's death now ruled a homicide. Caused by quote blunt force trauma sustained during a hazing incident. No broken bones or internal hemorrhaging. Just extensive confusions of his chest arms shoulders and back. All -- during a savage hazing ritual or -- the band bus following a gain last month. Champion was forced to walk a gauntlet of -- from the back of the bus to the front. An hour later the 26 year old was -- At target nor the tears north of -- where ethical to what we went through. -- death a symbol of what parents and authorities are calling in did McCain using in the schools they -- marching band. Last week three band members were arrested in a separate incident for hazing so brutal it -- a female band member with a broken leg. That cluster of hazing incidents prompted Florida's governor to call for the school's president to resign. That president was defiant in an interview with ABC news last month. When we had those instances those allegations. We here we have taken action. David -- -- told us that ultimately -- and this school are responsible. But legal analysts we spoke to said that anybody who threw a punch or encouraged to punch to be thrown could face five years in prison.

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{"id":15180495,"title":"Hazing Investigation","duration":"1:39","description":"The infamous band hazing incident triggers a homicide investigation.","url":"/WNT/video/hazing-band-homicide-investigation-murder-15180495","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}