Head of the CDC Under Fire

After three close calls in one month, and news of a new scare, Dr. Tom Frieden goes before Congress.
1:57 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Head of the CDC Under Fire
-- of the CDC. Was in the hot seat today we have reported here on world news about those three close calls and covered in just one month scares the nation's top -- Anthrax smallpox and a deadly strain of the flu. Tonight hear word of a new scare a fourth -- just revealed. How is the CDC chief explaining it all ABC's senior national correspondent Jim -- -- right there with his own questions after the hearing. A new blow to the reputation of federal -- -- finding sixty year old smallpox virus in an old FDA refrigerator wasn't bad enough. Today it was revealed also inside that same forgotten space. Twelve boxes of carefully packaged but deadly germs from dengue to Q fever the director of the Centers for Disease Control. Grilled today about lax storage. The accidental shipment of deadly Avian flu and transporting within the CDC potentially lethal anthrax in zip Loc bags. What in heaven's name would go to the -- some scientists taking -- zip lock bag. Is enough to protect -- from anthrax doctor Thomas Friedman made few excuses completely unacceptable. Deeply troubling problems inadequate culture of safety. Agreeing that his agency missed a broad pattern of safety lapses we need to greatly improve the culture of safety specifically -- CDC says temporarily stop shipping. Biological specimens like dangerous Avian flu. Slows the flu and bioterrorism -- both involved -- high profile mistakes. Dennis pointed a senior scientist to oversee safety issues. -- the trust of America the scientific review is at the high standards and will make sure that the seat he worked at CDC has also require -- The CDC director saying some scientists are too comfortable -- dangerous organisms. Lax attitude he bows to change. Jim Avila ABC news Capitol Hill.

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{"id":24592767,"title":"Head of the CDC Under Fire","duration":"1:57","description":"After three close calls in one month, and news of a new scare, Dr. Tom Frieden goes before Congress.","url":"/WNT/video/head-cdc-fire-24592767","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}