Healthy Living: Cutting Salt

A stunning demonstration shows how much salt we all consume in a year.
2:04 | 12/18/11

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Transcript for Healthy Living: Cutting Salt
-- experiments showing just how much salt we all consume any year and it comes just as the FDA now threatens new restrictions. I'm salt in restaurants and in supermarkets. ABC's Lindsey Davis tonight with the show and tell. Taste is what makes chef Andrew karma Lyonnais roasted chicken the hottest selling item on the menu but over and then. Put it over like that -- get that -- that has people flocking to his trendy downtown Manhattan restaurant macondo verdict. He uses olive oil a bit of lemon and a very generous helping of salt. Don't have salt. And there. It's really it's going to be -- The FDA is considering limiting the amount of salt used in packaged foods and all restaurants from -- verdict all the way down to fast food joints. Nutritionist Cynthia -- says Americans are -- far too much sodium. Often without even realizing. The FDA recommends Americans -- only about two thirds of a teaspoon of salt a day that's 15100 milligrams. In fact the average American easily eats twice -- -- heart -- -- that he -- she should have in one meal. Lasagna salad this is a lot more that I think most people would -- over 4700. Milligrams of sodium. That's more than two teaspoons of salt two days in one -- -- -- -- -- days worth. In one dinner. And all that -- adds up let's get a sense of how much sodium we would take in -- year are talking about eleven cops assaults is the equivalent. Of the sodium intake and the average American -- a lot of thought. The Landmine of sodium is really this summer and there's two servings in his -- -- -- sodium here 470. Milligrams. From one serving grades if sodium levels and prosecutor cut down overtime nutritionists say would likely reduce our craving -- -- -- -- karma leaning says you can tried cooking with some alternatives to salt like lemon juice vinegar and -- Reagan -- it's all a matter of taste and good health. Lindsey Davis ABC news. New York.

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{"id":15185169,"title":"Healthy Living: Cutting Salt","duration":"2:04","description":"A stunning demonstration shows how much salt we all consume in a year.","url":"/WNT/video/health-salt-food-diet-fda-15185169","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}