Health Scare for Former First Lady Barbara Bush

Bush family matriarch, 88, hospitalized for respiratory problems.
3:00 | 01/01/14

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Transcript for Health Scare for Former First Lady Barbara Bush
In texas tonight doctors are keeping a close watch over former first lady barbara bush, hospitalized for respiratory troubles. She's 88 now and tonight is said to be doing quite well under the circumstances. Here's abc's steve osunsami now. Reporter: The latest from a bush family spokesperson is that the former first lady is in good spirits and taking visits from relatives at this houston hospital, the same hospital where her husband, president george h.W. Bush was struggling th a serious case of bronchitis last year. Houston methodist says that 88-year-old barbara bush came in with early signs of pneumonia. She has a big, big heart. Reporter: Friends and aids report that doctors have given her an excellent prognosis. Barbara bush is a tough gal who will outlive us all. But our love is with her because she's not just a former first lady of america, she's the first lady of our hearts. Reporter: To say she's beloved is an understatement. Here's her reflection on her son when she was living in the white house. Now to see that same fellow that I used to drive around in car pools and yell at to pick up his room, to see him as president is amazing. Reporter: In a statement today president obama wrote that michelle and I send our best wishes to mrs. Bush on a speedy recovery. We're told barbara bush watched the texas a & m game.

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{"id":21394100,"title":"Health Scare for Former First Lady Barbara Bush ","duration":"3:00","description":"Bush family matriarch, 88, hospitalized for respiratory problems.","url":"/WNT/video/health-scare-lady-barbara-bush-21394100","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}