Hear Gabby Giffords Speak for the First Time

Rep. Giffords, Mark Kelly share their story with Diane Sawyer in ABC exclusive.
3:11 | 11/10/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hear Gabby Giffords Speak for the First Time
Last night we showed you never before seen pictures of congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband astronaut mark Kelly. Chronicling her remarkable journey working her way back after a gunman's bullet nearly took her life last January. Together they've written a book about the road lined with hope and breakthroughs setbacks. And resilience. Tonight preview of their stories to come. Green room. Lives and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There she is -- spirited. Someone called and congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords the most positive person in congress. Yeah. And sentenced. -- these pictures were taken on January 8 a man into Glock nineteen -- -- head. And three feet away pulled the trigger. C -- -- are following a developing story a shooting at a grocery store while people were injured work during cut through all these months we knew her husband astronaut commander mark Kelly was there holding her hand in the hospital. -- -- But we didn't know is that the -- hours of videotape of an astounding. Determined journey that. Gabby Giffords fighting her way one -- one word one hard fought step at a time. There would be music for an incredible breakthroughs. And moments of despair. But it was not just the journey of one woman it was also the husband's. Knew what his wife was made enough -- real differences too tough but this. The team of medical professionals some of them astounded. I'm not putting any Kaplan her. -- Can Begin to -- to think how how far she might come. And the movement who remembered her daughter. Singing and toppled her long held. -- America who knows she'll make it back. I think -- he's got a message now. That exceeds. The -- -- one on Monday night the woman who went from this. To goodness. -- so much distance traveled. Unafraid. Of the distance to -- how do you feel pretty sure is it painful as it. -- you know what Gabriel Giffords mark Kelly a chance to ask our questions does she think she'll run for congress again. And what does she remember of that gun that the bullet and -- she was shocked. And so many others were wounded and died. Ten months later with a first conversation. And something we believe might change the way you think about your life -- hope he'll -- the calendar for Monday night at 10 o'clock eastern.

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{"id":14929017,"title":"Hear Gabby Giffords Speak for the First Time","duration":"3:11","description":"Rep. Giffords, Mark Kelly share their story with Diane Sawyer in ABC exclusive.","url":"/WNT/video/hear-gabby-giffords-speak-time-14929017","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}