Heat Wave Confuses Plants, Animals

Unseasonably warm weather poses danger for crops and people's health.
2:14 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for Heat Wave Confuses Plants, Animals
Across much of this country the windows are open and the air conditioners are on tonight for debt -- the thermometer says we're already in summer. As of tonight look nearly 5000. Heat records have been set this month and look at Detroit it was 86 today and that's the hottest day in March ever. ABC's Steve us and -- is tracking the real economic consequences of this weather including confused plants and animals going haywire. And early spring is one thing with temperatures this high seem unbelievable. For this Michigan apricots farmer the heat is a huge headache is trees are blossoming five weeks way too early here today they're in full bloom. Which has just unreal that scene is playing out with apples and new York and asparagus across the country. Farmers fear the cold weather could. Come back and kill off their crops. The cost could run into the millions -- -- -- -- would be an understatement I don't figure were -- freed almost Memorial Day weekend. But in Illinois corn growers are betting the farm -- the heat when planning their seats early hoping for a bigger and better harvest. And the weather has been good to -- in the midwest warm county. And an Iowa the average -- is producing 7% more -- than it did this time last year. And in the 23 states that produce the most -- each cow is averaging nine gallons more another 25 glasses of milk -- -- people well and made their skiing in bathing suits but and other parts of the country nothing but allergy aggravation. Across much of the south and the east the warmth has brought on record shattering pollen that covers everything and some people can barely breathe. Did feel him breathing through -- any moment. Today running to their doctors. -- big fifteen -- -- -- -- around. The eyes and people literally want to clawed their eyes out. And then there's the trouble with tulips at the Kentucky Derby they're pushing up early. Forcing derby officials to announce that the flowers will have come and gone well before the horse. -- -- -- -- Stevenson's on the ABC news that minutes.

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{"id":15982598,"title":"Heat Wave Confuses Plants, Animals","duration":"2:14","description":"Unseasonably warm weather poses danger for crops and people's health.","url":"/WNT/video/heat-wave-confuses-plants-animals-15982598","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}