Heat Wave in North, Snowstorm in South

Tornadoes attributed to upside-down weather across the country.
2:39 | 03/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heat Wave in North, Snowstorm in South
Winter officially ends tonight tomorrow the first day of spring. But as so many of us know this is spring gone wild overnight twisters were telling through the heartland. In the east more than thirteen hundred heat records were broken in one week and in the southwest a rampaging snowstorm. ABC's meteorologist ginger -- is tracking the weather from Waco Texas. -- weekend eighteen reported tornadoes overnight. -- from Oklahoma Nebraska and South Dakota. So far there have been looked at 250. Tornadoes this year twice the normal number. -- -- fueled in part by this bizarre Heatley that spread across much of the country. In just the past week more than 1000 record high temperatures. Chicago usually 45 degree at this time of year. In the -- for the past five days. Cedar Rapids is normally 47 degrees today. Eighty. And International Falls, Minnesota a town known -- the icebox of the -- 79 degrees on Sunday smashing its previous record like 22 degrees. The number of records that we've been -- not only breaking but smashing. For the length of time in the area coverage that they're being broken is just unprecedented in my experience the. They question why it's happening. Take a look at the -- -- it is still aren't worth over two thirds of the nation dipping so far south allowing cold air in the last. This active pattern cold -- hot helps explain the Oxley -- tornado activity. Eight twisters require an unstable atmosphere and rotation to form hot moist air near the round hitting cold dry -- -- Normally it just isn't warm enough in March for that happened. -- this year. Going forward and the future these sorts of extreme heat events are gonna become more common as we warm climate. -- -- -- -- -- -- I downed weather is turning places that are normally warm cult. There's somebody in Arizona where a foot of heavy snow forced officials to -- in -- states. And in the hills outside of San Diego a snowball fight. Tomorrow is the first official day at spring but it seems for so many that we have. Lowered -- this summer so it begs the question is this global warming. We can't answer that in one week but we didn't even touch with -- and they assure us that this unprecedented heat. Is consistent with what climate scientists say is -- our future.

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{"id":15957258,"title":"Heat Wave in North, Snowstorm in South","duration":"2:39","description":"Tornadoes attributed to upside-down weather across the country.","url":"/WNT/video/heat-wave-north-snowstorm-south-15957258","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}