Herman Cain: 3rd Woman Claims Harassment

Allegations of sexual harassment cloud GOP frontrunner's campaign.
4:11 | 11/02/11

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Transcript for Herman Cain: 3rd Woman Claims Harassment
-- Republican front runner Herman Cain is facing new questions about sexual harassment and answering with a whole new tone of voice. Today a report says a third woman is coming forward justice ABC news has learned more about his two other accusers. -- is calling the whole thing a smear campaign. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross is on the story in Washington and legal analyst Dan Abrams right here in New York first Brian Ross. After two days of talking to reporters everywhere kaine spent today avoiding them as best he could. And apparently following the advice of the newly hired crisis management team. Now dealing with a third allegations. Sexual harassment from women who once worked for -- and while they remain unnamed at least two are well known inside government circles. One has worked for years as a public spokesperson for federal government agencies. Her case appears to be the one -- as described in his round of interviews. Saying she was in communications. And is short. And I was standing near her and I did this thing you know same hardens my wife. The second woman who complained about -- is described by former colleagues is now working as a registered lobbyist in New Jersey. -- has nothing happened that he does recall going out for drinks with her and other employees of the restaurant association after work. It was never she -- -- alone anything like that but the incident with the young woman which took place in a restaurant in Crystal City Virginia was much more serious. According to a former pollster for the restaurant association. Chris Wilson of Oklahoma now a supporter of governor Rick Perry was there he says and talked about it this morning on radio station KT OK. If she comes on talks about it. It's like I said I think apartment in this campaign. -- recollection of the incidents at the National Restaurant Association. And then the actual settlements have changed through the week RL on aware. Of Minnesota settlement three months' salary -- something like that Reid says six months' severance pay. Today the New York Times reported one -- was actually a full year's pay. 35000. Dollars no small matter according to employment lawyers when you pay somebody a year. Salary to resolve a case that means the company probably. Thought that there were some merit to it. By the end of the day the only reaction from -- was to call the new allegations part of quote an appalling smear campaign -- quote. With -- now pointing a finger at one of his own former consultants who now works for governor Rick Perry. Something in the consultant and Perry campaign both denied all right Brian -- -- and we want to dig a little more deeply into this with us now is ABC's legal analyst Dan Abrams Dan. You're a lawyer you've covered this case is your whole career what do you see or sense in this plan. Well on the one -- -- give the consistency now have a number of people coming forward which is significant when evaluating the big picture on the other hand. I don't know that it's necessarily true that you can look at a settlement and say because they settled -- for it was. Eight ballot actionable claim but as we know this is -- debate around living rooms everywhere what is sexual harassment what does the law say. Rises to the level of sexual -- Creating a hostile or offensive work -- -- And that can mean making unwelcome sexual comments that can be. Unwelcome actions it can even be gender specific comments in the workplace. But it always requires evaluating the totality of the circumstance but when -- not -- welcome and he mentions. Commenting on her height -- the -- -- the level of -- -- yet that that's not going to be enough first ballot sexual harassment claim. I think that if they were gonna win in court there would have had to have been significantly more than. And does the law have a list of things the constant sexual harassment their guidelines at the EOC website for example lays out what are the basic rules that apply. But the case law is really what determined that case after case they're different -- lines that are drawn and that's where the lawyers start case by case I think. So it didn't have to have him here -- --

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Allegations of sexual harassment cloud GOP frontrunner's campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14869760","title":"Herman Cain: 3rd Woman Claims Harassment","url":"/WNT/video/herman-cain-3rd-woman-claims-harassment-14869760"}