Herman Cain Fires Back at Accusers

GOP frontrunner responds to fourth accuser on sexual harassment allegations.
3:00 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Herman Cain Fires Back at Accusers
He is the man at the hot center of a controversy that is building tonight. Republican front runner Herman -- accused of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior and today. Another accuser coming forward making it five women in all. After days of trying to dodge questions he decided to come out swinging question -- online. By ABC's John Karl who tells us about the new developments today and what came had to say. Herman Cain face the world today with -- categorical denial of all allegations against him -- charges. And the accusations. Alps Lou -- Reject. They simply. Didn't happen. -- simply. Did not happen. Second woman Karen crash our who has now -- Treasury Department official went public today -- interview with the New York Times. This after Sharon -- -- told a press conference yesterday saying -- sexually harassed her back in 1997. He suddenly reached over. And he put his hand on -- -- Under my skirt. In an exclusive interview for ABC news Yahoo! -- said he doesn't even remember beating her they baseless because I reject them. And in this particular case I don't even know who this lady is at one -- first saw her. I didn't recollect our even I didn't even recognize -- but what's -- -- you're saying that she is lying about this. Yes. I am saying and that you know is nice the way affect I don't know -- know -- way to say it. -- says he most regrets the pain of the controversy has caused his family especially -- wife of 43 years Gloria and even though my wife. Is. -- -- -- -- quad a person that I am actually of a quiet sweet personality. She can get angry like anybody else -- -- angry about this oh yes yes you to tell you flat out she's angry about it. Karen crash -- the latest woman to come forward to accuse -- Says that she wants to get together with the other women that have made accusations to hold a joint press conference. In other words Diane it does not look like this is over yet.

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{"id":14910131,"title":"Herman Cain Fires Back at Accusers","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP frontrunner responds to fourth accuser on sexual harassment allegations.","url":"/WNT/video/herman-cain-fires-back-accusers-14910131","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}