Herman Cain Neck and Neck With Mitt Romney

ABC's Jonathon Karl takes a look at what Republican voters are looking for.
2:26 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Herman Cain Neck and Neck With Mitt Romney
Your voice your vote and everyone thought Herman Cain might be the latest fifteen minute wonder got a shock -- another new poll today. It shows Herman Cain continues to run and the statistical dead heat with Mitt Romney who has been campaigning for years. Tonight ABC's John Karl looks more closely at what polls show Republican voters are laughing. -- -- surge continues. Over the weekend Republican crowds were loving stupid people -- -- and America. Secret of McCain's appeal is the simplicity of his solutions. -- -- hard liner who makes you laugh I would bring assessing him what sort of White House pick up America's too uptight. It was the approach He used during his successful run as CEO of godfathers pizza. He shut down under performing stores. But also serenaded pizza lovers medicine. Life. New line. -- Okay. -- It's -- McCain's greatest asset is his personal story. He grew up dirt -- -- -- his mother made his father a barber chauffeur and janitor -- I don't have allowed us. The -- of people who believe that this country owes them something. Self reliance is -- creek many years ago He was refused -- haircut tonight whites only barber shop. Ever since He says he's cut his own hair five years ago -- had stage four colon cancer was given just 30% chance of surviving. After chemo and major surgery He has been cancer free since 2007. -- miracle He says. His 999 plan has won him supporters. And ridicule. There is the -- who was in fact they have remained trapped soldiers and -- For those -- that caught Osama bin Laden. In another unconventional move for a Republican candidate king's aides tell me he's going to make a direct appeal for African American votes. Unveiling a plan later this week to help the inner city -- Diane a plan I am told it will include tax rates even lower -- 999.

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{"id":14757451,"title":"Herman Cain Neck and Neck With Mitt Romney","duration":"2:26","description":"ABC's Jonathon Karl takes a look at what Republican voters are looking for.","url":"/WNT/video/herman-cain-neck-neck-mitt-romney-14757451","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}