Will Herman Cain Withdraw From 2012 Race?

GOP presidential contender "reassessing" campaign after allegation of an affair.
3:25 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Will Herman Cain Withdraw From 2012 Race?
Big news in the election your voice your vote in the campaign of Republican Herman Cain. On the brink tonight the pizza executive soared to the top of the Republican race with confidence charm and a simple idea 999. We'll tonight -- is deciding whether to bow out after that new allegation of a long time affair. So what happens next and who stands to gain if he goes here's ABC's Jon Karl. Faced with -- new sexual allegations and -- camped in three Paul Herman Cain says he could drop out of the presidential race. In a conference call today -- told his staff. Call or a brief look better and we are really very -- -- don't create political clout and some people mind. New allegations come from an Atlanta woman named ginger white. Who said she had a thirteen year affair with -- I was aware that he was married he's adamantly denies the affair and just yesterday said he'll stay in the race. As long as my wife is behind me and as long as my -- believes that -- they in this race -- stand in this race today Newt Gingrich said he feels sorry for came. My heart goes out to them I hope that you could lose everything right. -- -- I mean it's been a campaign roller -- when we sat down with him in the spring he was the pizza guy. The crust is not just the right amount to a news but I October -- shot to the top. Odd. -- -- -- I feel pretty good today his economic plan dominated McCain campaign not. The last debate he only broke through when he mangled the moderator -- no blitz that's oversimplifying things. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Half half half half. That's called the staff this morning Cain said the allegations have taken an emotional -- on himself and on his family. But he said that he will go forward with his campaign schedule over the next several days as he completes his assessment over how. Or whether Diane he will continue his campaign. All right John thanks as you said a big rollercoaster ride it has been George Stephanopoulos joins us now so can he bounce back one more time chargers -- so I think this is I mean John display out of a lot of the problems of Herman Cain is had a -- -- weeks I also learned today. That several of the staff he's been talking to have already been putting out feelers to other campaigns are just too many questions about his honesty his judgments experiences organization. Even if he stays -- he's not going to be a factor and the conventional wisdom is that his supporters will probably go to Newt Gingrich and Iraq certainly in Iowa and that's all the campaigns expected this is -- give a big boost to Newt Gingrich in Iowa that important first caucus state although our polling shows that nationally. His supporter signatures are split between Mitt Romney. And Newt Gingrich this is also an opening for those other conservatives Michelle Bachmann Rick Perry. Rick Santorum can they take this opening and get back in this race since their last. All of them watching the next 2448 hours ten thanks so much George.

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{"id":15051860,"title":"Will Herman Cain Withdraw From 2012 Race?","duration":"3:25","description":"GOP presidential contender \"reassessing\" campaign after allegation of an affair.","url":"/WNT/video/herman-cain-withdraw-2012-race-15051860","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}