Hidden America: Gang Summit with Chicago's Most Violent

Gang members attempt peace talks at summit meeting.
3:00 | 10/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hidden America: Gang Summit with Chicago's Most Violent
on this program, we told you about our reporting on a hidden america, children living in fear in some neighborhoods that have become a war zone. Sending a simple message, "don't shoot, I want to grow up." 419 people have already been killed, in a few neighborhoods in chicago, this yea alone. And in the 24 hours since our report aired, three more people were shot. So, tonight, join us, on "nightline," for something unprecedented. 38 members of rival gangs, past and present, will come into one room with me so we can ask them, what can be done to make this stop? Last night, we showed you a 7-year-old named ralph, who lives in a kind of fortress. I really don't go outside, just scared always they going to shoot me or stab me. Where is that coming from? Reporter: He is one of the tens of thousands of kids in the neighborhoods in chicago where 100,000 young men are in gangs, young, angry, leaderless, some just 13 years old in world awash with guns. Go behind a couple bushes, I bet there's some guns under there. Reporter: Late at night, we tour a dangerous street corner. There have been 13 murders within one mile. You see where that stop sign is? A couple of guys, 16 years old got shot, got killed. Reporter: So "world news" and "nightline" decided to try something different, something unprecedented. On a recent friday, the anti-violence group cease fire illinois helped round up 38 members of rival gangs past and present. They were told to get rid of their weapons -- no box cutters, no knives. Reporter: A group who would not dare to have gathered like this on the street. It started with hard, tough challenges. Prey or the predator. Which one you going to be? Reporter: But you will see the night change when gang members take us home, inside headquarters. Some people have nowhere to go. Reporter: And suddenly, they tell us, this is not what they dreamed they'd grow up to be. You think I want to stand on the corner and sell drugs to other black folks who destroy my community for some petty money? They ain't . Help us. Help us try to be better. Reporter: And at one point, courageous community leaders join us, like the legendary nba star isiah thomas, who says with so many good people caring so much, there has to be hope. 95% of the people in our communities are good, decent, hard working people. Reporter: But as you'll learn, 24 hours after this meeting, one of the gang members was shot six times. But back in the room, all together, watching, hoping, ralph and so many others. Including a little boy named christian, who had a poem we asked him to read. I want to go outside and play. But I can't. Not because I have no friends, it's because of the violence. It seems it never ends. And, again, an unprecedented ooechtd on "nightline" tonight. And not just a window into chicago, but so many cities near you.

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{"id":17522334,"title":" Hidden America: Gang Summit with Chicago's Most Violent ","duration":"3:00","description":"Gang members attempt peace talks at summit meeting.","url":"/WNT/video/hidden-america-gang-summit-chicagos-violent-17522334","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}