High Cost to Buying High Heels?

Sharyn Alfonsi reveals the true cost and occasional embarrassment of popular shoe style.
3:00 | 10/17/12

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Transcript for High Cost to Buying High Heels?
And finally tonight, it was the tumble we all saw on the world stage. A hostile encounter by a head of state with her own high-heeled shoes. So, abc's sharyn alfonsi asked around. Are they worth it? Reporter: She is the first female prime minister of australia. Accomplished, well-spoken, but not above thone thing all women know. Stilettos and soggy grass don't mix. And it's the third footwear fiasco for the prime minister. But she's certainly not the first woman to fall head over heels. See "sex and the city." Remember carrie bradshaw's catwalk tumble? Oh, my god. She's fashion roadkill. Reporter: Runways are littered with roadkill. Wobbles, tumbles and wipeouts. At heathrow airport, lady gaga showed she wasn't the practical, rolling luggage type, and ended up rolling her ankles. But for the rest of us, why do we bother when we know it can end like this? The man behind those skyscraping red soles, christian louboutin, explained it to me like this. Some women are not completely comfortable with their body. And even if you're not really comfortable with your body, you are comfortable with your feet. Reporter: At the time, I was six months pregnant, so he proved it to me. Hello, lovers! I think I just lost five pounds and ten years. Fabulous. When you're talking seven-inch heels, practicality really isn't the point. I don't want these shoes to be comfortable shoes. Reporter: They're not going to be birkenstocks. Exactly. Reporter: But with those higher heels comes higher risks. And a lesson. Looking good is the easy part. It's what you do after the fall that really counts. Sharyn alfonsi, abc news,

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{"id":17504144,"title":"High Cost to Buying High Heels?","duration":"3:00","description":"Sharyn Alfonsi reveals the true cost and occasional embarrassment of popular shoe style.","url":"/WNT/video/high-cost-buying-high-heels-17504144","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}