High Speed Chase on Airport Runway Caught on Tape

Police pursue car racing down runway seconds before plane was to land.
2:42 | 03/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High Speed Chase on Airport Runway Caught on Tape
White knuckle moment at Philadelphia's huge international airport today a passenger plane. Was fifteen seconds from touchdown. When air traffic controllers saw a strange Jeep barreling down the runway toward it a terrifying breach of security. ABC news obtained exclusive video of the chase that followed and our senior national correspondent Jim -- a -- brings us the full story right now Jim. Diane that she was on the actual active runway plays with -- controllers say -- go with a plane on approach just a hundred feet from landing. That's a good -- And is -- -- stayed -- Unbelievable video obtained exclusively by ABC news shot by the pilot of the plane waiting to takeoff at Philadelphia's international airport this morning. Capturing from his cockpit a frightening runway drama. A Jeep careening down runway 27 right cops in pursuit. A high speed chase and an active -- where the air traffic controllers could barely believe their -- We got a little -- job -- an airport were not often don't look at. -- and anybody to -- -- According to witnesses the Jeep driver plowed through -- construction gate only a few yards from the runway and headed directly for the landing area. Just as US Airways flight 3137. A commuter jet from Raleigh, North Carolina was about to land at the last minute ordered to abort. Pull up and fly around. -- I don't like -- around. -- -- -- I've witnessed in my disagreed. Danger not just for the plane on final approach nerve wracking for other pilots watching what they thought might be a terrorist attack. Listen to the pilot of air Wisconsin. President stereotypical. -- -- here it. At a huge cost me -- vehicle attending -- direction right now he's on the -- not a lot chasing him. After a full five minutes was all runways closed to inbound and outbound flights. Airport police finally forced the driver identified as 24 year old Kenneth Richard -- -- to a stop. An alleged drunken wild ride that may have exposed a weakness in American airport secured. A drunken wild ride each -- Jim I wouldn't that video again I think I saw other planes out there. That's the chilling part Diane there were other planes lined up to take off and they were in fact could have been targets if somebody had a bomb and that G. Fortunately there were no explosives found in the Philadelphia airport officials have privately tell us they're not gonna make any changes to -- -- that they're already FAA approved.

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{"id":15829443,"title":"High Speed Chase on Airport Runway Caught on Tape","duration":"2:42","description":"Police pursue car racing down runway seconds before plane was to land.","url":"/WNT/video/high-speed-chase-airport-runway-caught-tape-15829443","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}