High Stakes Elections Underway at the Polls Across the Country

The latest information on key elections across the country.
2:27 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for High Stakes Elections Underway at the Polls Across the Country
This tuesday is election day in america across this country right now voters making their voices heard, including in two states, virginia and new jersey where larger than life personalities could change the outcome all the way to the white house. Here's abc's jeff zeleny. Reporter: It's shaping up to be a big night for new jersey governor chris christie. The republican is not only trying to win but to p win by a land slide in his democratic state, a victory he hopes will blaze a path forward for his party. After his final campaign rally we caught up with him. He's trimmer following lap band surgery in february, seem more ready than ever for a big run. I hear a lot of christy 2014. What do you say? Whatever the future brings it will bring. First things first. Reporter: But in music, in message, his future is starting now, embracing latino voters an pledging to compromise on spending and other big issues, unlike tea party fire brands like rand paul and ted cruz. Our country brought people together. Reporter: Here in virginia voters also electing a governor but hillary clinton is stealing the show. terry McAuliffe is holding a narrow lead over republican ken cuccinelli. Hilary and all of team clinton HAVE MOBILIZED TO help McAuliffe win. I've been out of politics for a few years now. Reporter: Just as in new jersey a victory here for the clintons will serve as an early force for a machine primed and ready to fight for the white house. Jeff zeleny. Abc news, arlington, virginia. We have other post cards, surprising votes across the country on this big day. In maryland, look, 16 years old voting triumphant, the first town in the nation to lower the voting age to 16. And in minneapolis look who is on the ballot for mayor among 35 candidates, captain jack spare oh. He says that's in fact his legal name. More serious initiatives tonight. In houston, texas voters will decide the fate of the iconic astro dome and last year in colorado legalized pot but this year voters will decide whether to tax marijuana.

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{"id":20796918,"title":"High Stakes Elections Underway at the Polls Across the Country","duration":"2:27","description":"The latest information on key elections across the country.","url":"/WNT/video/high-stakes-elections-underway-polls-country-20796918","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}