Highway Tragedy on Florida's I-75

Police investigate a deadly accident near Gainesville.
1:56 | 01/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Highway Tragedy on Florida's I-75
Police are -- while investigating a string of fiery highway crashes in the early morning hours today to took a deadly hole on a busy interstate there. At least ten people were killed and eighteen injured but cars and trucks slammed into each other on both sides of interstate 75 near Gainesville. Tonight the focus is on haze and smoke so thick. The drivers were blinded here's ABC's Mohammad -- -- This is say it looked like a war zone burned out rigs -- crumpled. And a mess of twisted. Mangled. Metal it happened -- ground for -- -- the debris scattering across a mile long stretch of the I 75. Time emergency crews arrived the only -- could find victims was to listen for their screens. Blinding mix of fog and smoke from a nearby brush fire making it impossible to see the visibility was reported in the near zero at a time. And you're you're not going to be -- the card Friday you even if -- five feet of bond related collisions are among the most deadly just last month low rolling -- that -- New -- -- left two people dead and 22 hurt. So what should you do if your -- driving in very low visibility experts say the first thing to do is to slow down. Number two if you do have to stop make sure you -- over as far off the side of the highway is you can. Number three no matter what you do you never stop -- we trust. In Florida today police had originally closed -- -- because of low visibility but decided to reopen a few hours later that's when the collisions occurred. Urologist Jeff Smith of WABC says it's a reminder of just how quickly conditions can change. It was really a perfect storm to cause reduced visibility. You had smoke from the wildfires. Which puts particles in the atmosphere in just enough moisture for water to condense around these particles -- cause fought. Several of today's victims remain in serious condition and hospital officials say the death toll could rise.

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{"id":15468682,"title":"Highway Tragedy on Florida's I-75","duration":"1:56","description":"Police investigate a deadly accident near Gainesville. ","url":"/WNT/video/highway-tragedy-floridas-75-police-investigate-deadly-accident-near-gainesville-us-15468682","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}