Hillary Clinton Releases Tax Returns Going Back to 2007

All eyes on Donald Trump as pressure mounts for him to release his tax returns.
2:20 | 08/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hillary Clinton Releases Tax Returns Going Back to 2007
Meantime tonight Hillary Clinton releasing her 2015 tax returns and asking Donald Trump where our kids. And we do the math tonight how much would the clintons have saved under Donald Trump's proposed tax plan here's ABC Cecilia Vega now. Tonight Hillary Clinton taking on Donald Trump over his refusal to release his taxes. Using his own words against him in the new video. But it didn't seem protection agent Jay Payton is almost like something wrong what's wrong. And applying more pressure by releasing hers the clintons earned more than ten million dollars last year. A steep drop from the 28 million a year earlier the result of fewer paid speeches. An issue that has dogged her campaign from the start and he's speech back ready. Should be released to the but Hillary Clinton still earned more than a million dollars for speaking to industries from tech to banking. Before she formally launched her bid for the White House. The clintons federal tax rate. More than 34%. And they donated more than a million dollars to charity under Trump's proposed tax plan one expert telling us the Clinton's would've saved more than one point five million dollars. Today's protesters calling on strong to release his taxes. They were dragged out of his Pennsylvania rally played. Recent weeks David asked trump about the argument Clint did is now making. We know this will be her argument she says maybe you paid nothing or close to nothing maybe you're not as rich as you say you are maybe you haven't given away as much to charity. So I want to give you the opportunity to respond right now to Hillary Clinton will you reveal your taxes. To the American people for the election Susie orders and I'm under routine noted have been ordered it. Many many years in the room what it had a lot of it is after Election Day is her chance to your tax termite I don't know that will be helped that's not but you know like this before I get my expectations I have no problem with that. And Cecilia Vega with a slot tonight any word on whether he will release those taxes and he claims that the tax released today by Clinton was a diversion Cecilia. His campaign is calling it a distraction attempt to distract from her email controversy but David from trump himself. He is uncharacteristically. Quiet on when he might release his taxes and so far no response from an. Anyone on his campaign despite our repeated requests for comment today David Wright Cecilia Vega we'll see here on the news just this weekend thank you.

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{"id":41344544,"title":"Hillary Clinton Releases Tax Returns Going Back to 2007","duration":"2:20","description":"All eyes on Donald Trump as pressure mounts for him to release his tax returns.","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clinton-releases-tax-returns-back-2007-41344544","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}