Hillary Clinton Becomes the First Woman Nominated by a Major Party

Amid dissention in the party, many prominent people are backing her including the first lady, Bernie Sanders and Sarah Silverman.
6:47 | 07/26/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Becomes the First Woman Nominated by a Major Party
Good evening everyone from Philadelphia tonight a just moments ago here we witness something truly historic in this convention hall right behind me here. Real emotion the moment the first woman was dominated. As a presidential candidate for a major party you're looking at live pictures of the hall the roll call had been going state by state and and a powerful gesture of unity. It was senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont who called the historic moment and let's listen to what he said just moments ago. Okay. Okay. I. Until. Bottom jail. Why movement that could venture and suspend the procedure move rules. I moved at all clueless old votes cast by delegates be reflected. In the official record. And I move that Hillary Clinton he's elected president not. It. Cause of at this convention hall you can see forty sanders' wife Jean their. Smiling giving him a hug she's been such a part to to force feed his own campaign but in that moment of unity just a short time ago Bernie Sanders. Will be denominated Hillary Clinton as the first female candidate. In US history by a major party. We begin tonight with a ABC Cecilia Vega who's been covering the Clinton Campaign from the start the kill Bill Clinton will speak. A short time from now in prime time that personal story of his wife. But to silly at that was the moment the Clinton Campaign was hoping for that unity. It sure was and she said at all in going to meet tonight David one word history Bill Clinton also just weighing in on social media sweeting and his wife so proud of you. Hillary there it's a generation of children who will grow up now knowing that a woman can Ron be a part of their major part their party's nominee. And I move that Hillary Clinton. He's selected. Tonight as history is made it tears. Okay. From those casting their vote to nominate a woman for president of the United States. Did those who saw their chance slip away Bernie Sanders his brother crying. Himself in the convention home. Look I don't mind. This is the Democratic Party trying to heal itself. Prominent Sanders supporters like comedian Sarah Silverman urging unity. Proud to be a part of Bernie in the and a vital part of that low. Is making absolutely sure that you. But the reaction from mini Sanders diehards. Who risk of never aired last beat. You're being ridiculous. Tasked with bringing calm to a host of I didn't. First Lady Michelle Obama. Taking it to Donald Trump without ever even made. Mentioning his name and don't. Let anyone ever tell you that this country is in great. That's somehow. We think that make it great again. He got this right now is the greatest country on earth. It mrs. Obama they are to declare that it is Clinton who can't protected future for America's children there is only one person. Who I trust with that responsibility. Only one person who I believe is truly qualified to be president of the United States and that is our friend Hillary Clinton. And in perhaps the night's most powerful moment the first lady's emotional. Talking about where historic time in the White House. And history still to be made there. I wake up every morning. In a house that was built by slaves. It. And. And I lives. My daughter's. So beautiful intelligent black young women. I am what their dogs on the White House lawn. I. MD. Because I'm Hillary Clinton. My daughter's. And all our sons and daughters. Now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united. Bernie Sanders and self calling for Democrats to rally behind Clinton and me all objective observer will conclude. That based on our ideas. And her leadership. Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the united fans. MI. Bernie Sanders helping her here last night event helping here on the convention floor just a moment ago. Forget unity and Cecilia Chelsea Clinton has just read that couldn't be more proudly call Hillary Clinton my mom today. And every day but really the pressure is on Chelsea's father former President Bill Clinton tonight how does he try to. Tell the story of Hillary Clinton that still many people find earth to be a little bit of an enigma. David Bill Clinton has given nine convention speeches in his lifetime but never one like he is about to give tonight he's here is a party leader and it's your force. As a former president but most importantly it's here as a husband and his job tonight David is to introduce the side of Hillary Clinton that America does not yet know. Right to sue B big LC and prime time it to be totally right to ABC's Jonathan Karl right there. On the floor with the Vermont delegation where that historic moment came just moments ago a job there was so much talk all day long. We were trying to find out whether or not Bernie Sanders would in fact. Play a part of that historic moment that boy can he got only did he put his wife Jane their right by his side. Drummer right till the end to we didn't know until mid. For the final votes we didn't know for sure he would speak when he came down. They announced the votes for Vermont state he won with 86% of the vote. And he got up and he as you saw urged this entire convention to make it unanimously every vote for Hillary Clinton this place only. What did he saw tears in the eyes of the Vermont delegation what it was over. Tears from Bernie Sanders owns brother. Helped announce the delegates for him earlier he thought evening Jon Karl or things to you.

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{"id":40905508,"title":"Hillary Clinton Becomes the First Woman Nominated by a Major Party","duration":"6:47","description":"Amid dissention in the party, many prominent people are backing her including the first lady, Bernie Sanders and Sarah Silverman.","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clinton-woman-nominated-major-party-40905508","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}