Hillary Clinton's Big Super Tuesday Win

Hillary Clinton shifts focus to beating Donald Trump with a new message.
3:30 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Big Super Tuesday Win
We turned out to the democratic side a good night for Hillary Clinton her team putting out a new medal tonight pointing to the bath for or does Sanders still have a plausible path. Her victory party in Florida a state she is now focused on as well her campaign arguing Bernie Sanders just doesn't have the math to defeat her. Sanders though vowing to take this fight to the convention. ABC's Cecilia Vega tonight with a reality check. Hillary Clinton tonight on H victory lap. After that while ads why they history but. But Clinton now laser focused on the very man whose wedding she once attended who gave money to her senate campaign Donald Trump. You know the stakes in this election have never been higher. And a rhetoric from the other side has never and low words in her victory speech Clinton never once mentioning Trump's name but her message was. Clear you know we've got work to do. But they work. Network is not to make. America great again America never stopped being rate. Turning Thompson make America great again slogan in 28 full blown attack. May have to. Erica awful we have. Taking him on with a message of unity over division I don't like it works. Instead of building walls were guy got break down barriers. But Clinton still fighting off Bernie Sanders to. At a rally today in Maine the senator defining it still turning out the crowds turning up the heat on his rivals. Off again state candidate. Supported by. So what polls universal. Someone who had been anointed as duty inevitable. Nominees. Well guess what it's not. Sanders vowing to fight on Cecilia Vega a lot of the Clinton event right here in New York City tonight in Cecilia. Bernie Sanders insists that he could still win the nomination but to date as we pointed out that the Clinton Campaign saying that's all but impossible. Yeah that's right David inning and that in this memo from the campaign manager I wanna read see what he said quote. In order to catch up senator Sanders doesn't just have to start winning if you stayed he needs is certainly need everywhere and I large margin. Talented teams things thinks they can have this nomination wrapped up a couple of weeks David back to you. Cecilia thank you looking more and more like a race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton John Karl here with the illustrator tonight. John bottom line is it mathematically possible at this point. For saying Marco Rubio to land the delegates he needs to secure the Republican nomination it's mathematically possible what is extremely difficult and unlikely just take a look at the numbers Donald Trump. Or ES 319 delegates 25% of what he needs to clinch Marco Rubio has less than 10%. Tickets to the maps than John the thirteen states you're watching next. What would say a Marco Rubio have to do pull this off well look he's gonna have to win his home state of Florida he's gonna have to win Ohio both of those states are winner take all he would get all the delegates. But then he asked to winning most of the other big states. And keep winning in the states that fall so essentially has to run the table from here on out what about Ted Cruz about the same for Ted Cruz and he doesn't have any more home states to when he won Texas. That's lost on state he's got all right long night last night Jon Karl great to have you back.

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{"id":37356366,"title":"Hillary Clinton's Big Super Tuesday Win","duration":"3:30","description":"Hillary Clinton shifts focus to beating Donald Trump with a new message.","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clintons-big-super-tuesday-win-37356366","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}