Hillary Clinton's Mom Remembered

Dorothy Rodham was an inspirational figure in the secretary of state's life.
2:01 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton's Mom Remembered
Word today that secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton's mother has died at the age of 92. Mrs. Clinton said she was a kind of northstar. For her famous daughter who has talked about the strength her mother passed. Dorsey Emma Howell born in 1919. And abandoned as a child. I thought what my own mother went through in her life as a child boring to. Teenage parents who couldn't take care of her at fourteen she went to work caring for -- families children. Later she would -- is traveling salesman named Hugh Rodham. Becoming a full time homemaker raising three children and Park Ridge Illinois one of them. A little girl who was -- bullied and had to learn about true grit. This is a rare interview with Oprah in 2004. Moved into this new house in her neighborhood. And she would come in -- crying and screaming about the fact that she'd been set upon by a group of children. She came in one day and I said you know this isn't just bad enough. -- Anyway as a just go out there and -- the genetic brain -- if she does hit you again which she kept doing. -- -- The problem was always there's -- mostly in the background. Always watching and in the 2008 presidential campaign. And -- -- campaign ad for her Hillary. What I would like people to know about Hillary is what -- good -- -- ends. For the last five years she lived in her daughter's home in Washington. A mother who had no real nurturing herself cheering her daughter's victories console in her defeat. In her book Hillary Clinton wrote that her mother's life made her appreciate her own life so much more adding. It was her mother who said she should never be a quitter.

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{"duration":"2:01","description":"Dorothy Rodham was an inspirational figure in the secretary of state's life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"14862068","title":"Hillary Clinton's Mom Remembered","url":"/WNT/video/hillary-clintons-mother-remembered-14862068"}