Historic May Storm Wallops Central US

Heavy snowfalls crush hopes of springtime and warm weather.
1:41 | 05/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Historic May Storm Wallops Central US
A winter wonderland in may. Here's abc meteorologist ginger zee tonight. This is -- this is unbelievable. Reporter: Unbelievable and unprecedented. At least in recorded hit tory. Arkansas has never had snow in may until today. It snowed last night. I can't believe it. IT'S MAY 3rd. in kansas city, they were snowed out. Two baseball games, royally interrupted. Records from oklahoma to minnesota, nebraska to wisconsin, not just broken, but smashed. And with the snow, the cold. Past frustration now. Just about anger. Reporter: In iowa, it's not anger, but longing. For flowers without frosting. Snow is incredible. Reporter: It's been a never before thing. Like this mother goose protecting her eggs, surrounded in snow, waiting for spring to return like the rest of us. No one is touching those eggs. Ginger zee with us here now. And this is the same system you were saying causing all of this, burst, the snow tonight. Where is that headed? Reporter: This really blocks in and entrenches the cold air in parts of the midwest. You can see the shape right there. That cold and wet stuff going to stay with us here. Locks in the jet stream. At least for the beginning of the weekend. People in mississippi, northern alabama, going, is this going to end? It will. And that's by the start of the week. Releech out west, as well? Right. Slight band aid as they start to see sea breeze, moisture in the lower levels. Maybe a few rain showers, but that's, again, just a band aid for now. Overall, the season still lo looking very dry and hot. Ginger zee tonight, thank you. Now to the breaking news in the boston bombings case.

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{"id":19105989,"title":"Historic May Storm Wallops Central US","duration":"1:41","description":"Heavy snowfalls crush hopes of springtime and warm weather.","url":"/WNT/video/historic-storm-wallops-central-us-19105989","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}