Holiday Gifts 'Made in America' Create Jobs

Buying Christmas presents made in the U.S. helps create jobs for thousands.
1:11 | 12/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Gifts 'Made in America' Create Jobs
Made in America Christmas so many -- joined in buying holiday gifts made in the US to create new jobs for thousands of your neighbors. So tonight ABC anchor David -- -- a big thank you from all of us and all those American companies and employees at work because of you. ABC world news it was her holiday challenge that began with a simple walk down the street shoppers carrying bags and us parents -- question. I know I know I've noticed the challenges one polity if needed America. We started small what them that same family and invited us to check the labels in their home nearly a year ago your neighbors know you're -- made American family. -- list. They drive slowly. That's the house we wonder would those neighbors join in the -- -- here and we're. He -- have now pledged well more than -- half million dollars if needed America and we're still rolling with a couple days to Christmas. If you wondered at home that you made a difference. No further -- Bellevue Washington Chris -- -- does bother making these plastic tool patties they never seen this. -- -- -- -- Thanks to the ABC rewards ABC Romney isn't only god -- -- because -- have this. Click -- on world news to a Jane's -- -- FaceBook during the news find one for my seven year old grandson before the end of the broadcast. In what about that other iconic American toy. -- -- sixty employees -- because of the holiday sales to hire three more years. -- read -- the Minnesota about the terrible Woolen mill beautiful products made in Minnesota he wrote. During the recession the factory shut down this although local family perfect -- that -- -- she was here 41 years. Back on the factory lines here I am I'm back again. And now we -- holiday sales 31 workers. Have to work. All of these companies thinking all of you you were -- anti roads remain. -- help create jobs and. Aaron and only then close your eyes got that hammer and a sister address the one I'm wearing. Just right on in Gary from Phoenix send us a video to new ground still make some of the issues. Here in America he -- at the sticker here. There's gardeners and as a photo -- unlike her other shovels this American one never breaks. And that's troublemaker smiling too because he's -- -- that neighborhood 85 -- this Christmas. And a viewer who emailed Diana will those hold your winter boots elves working into the night in Troy Michigan lights on -- sewing machines. In the last ten weeks alone 29 new full time job. Tonight simple meth dealers. Because you buy American made products we all have jobs. Two words thinking this these -- -- break back.

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{"duration":"1:11","description":"Buying Christmas presents made in the U.S. helps create jobs for thousands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15216520","title":"Holiday Gifts 'Made in America' Create Jobs","url":"/WNT/video/holiday-gifts-made-america-create-jobs-15216520"}