Second Holiday Storm Creates Travel Nightmare

New storm system brings rain and snow from Ohio Valley to the Northeast.
3:06 | 12/29/12

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Transcript for Second Holiday Storm Creates Travel Nightmare
another holiday storm. The one-two punch this year, and tonight, on a weekend when so many are still traveling, a challenge out there. Here's the radar this ing. Rain and snow. Tonight, it's moving through the ohio valley right into the northeast, from washington up through philly, new york and boston. This is just one of the many scenes on the highways tonight. This is i-83 outside of harrisburg. Where several cars collided in the snow. Several people were take on the the hospital. Already this evening the flight cancellations are growing. More than 450 and counting. At this hour, triggering a ripple effect as people travel for new year's. So, we begin tonight with abc meteorologist ginger zee. Ginger, good evening. Good evening, david. It's blustery here in the city. In other places, they'll pick up 2 or 6 inches of snow. That's on top where they already saw record numbers this week. As millions of us return from family gatherings, or take for new festivities, another snowstorm is thwarted our trek. In king of prussia, they were sliding through intersections. Near harrisburg, pennsylvania, two tractor-trailers crashed. Shutting down interstate 83. Slowing traffic to a crawl. Thanks to a snowing mess, the speed limit on about 300 miles of the pennsylvania turnpike was shaved to 45 miles per hour. Hundreds of flights were canceled. Delays from philadelphia to those stranded at the airports. The shopping trip to return that ugly sweater, not so easy in scranton, pennsylvania. In yankee stadium, a sloppy mess for syracuse and west virginia in that pinstripe bowl. Here in syracuse, another winter blast. Giving us no break from all of this storm. Almost a foot fell on thursday and now a couple more inches falling today. We have our ruler here, about 12 inches of snow on the ground. Now, we're used to snow here in syracuse. But we haven't seen this much on the ground in two years. Reporter: But for so many, the snow is more than welcomed on their week off. Like maggie, a pup in new berlin, new york. At least the puppy is happy. Ginger is back with us now. What kind of totals are we looking to add to what we're already seeing out there? The numbers are so impressive. Salem, ohio, half-foot. Knox, pennsylvania, 8. New england is going to take the brunt of it. 20 blocks north of times square, for folks out there watching the ball drop. Kind of like this. Flurries. TEMPERATURES IN THE MID-20s. The other storm swirling out

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{"id":18091928,"title":"Second Holiday Storm Creates Travel Nightmare ","duration":"3:06","description":"New storm system brings rain and snow from Ohio Valley to the Northeast.","url":"/WNT/video/holiday-storm-creates-travel-nightmare-18091928","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}