Hollywood Smackdown: Battle of the Best Super Bowl Ads

A-list celebrities make memorable cameos in Super Bowl commercials.
1:28 | 02/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hollywood Smackdown: Battle of the Best Super Bowl Ads
the superstars of the super bowl. Not the ones on the field, the ones off it. The celebrities who pop up with the ads. Many have made their mark in that moment, others have made a comeback. Here's abc's abbie boudreau tonight. Reporter: They're the celebrities stealing the show off the field. Those super bowl ads have a way of launching careers and reviving others. You're playing like betty white out there. That's not what your girlfriend said. Reporter: Betty white credited this 2010 ad for her comeback. Last year's treat? Seeing our beloved ferris bueller all grown up. He bought it. Reporter: And who could forget this cindy crawford classic? The supermodel at the height of her fame in 1992 admired for her pepsi can? Is that a great new pepsi can or what? Reporter: This year swimsuit model kate upton promises to heat things up. For about $4 million a spot, if they're not sexy, they better be funny. I got a new boat! Reporter: One thing's for sure, there's always a breakout star. So who will steal this year's show? Maybe the rock. Ladies, got to go to work. Reporter: Or perhaps psy. ♪ Reporter: But most of the time the best ones are a surprise. You want the bears and I want the colts but we both win because we're in love. Honey, don't talk with your mouth full. I'm sorry. Reporter: Abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":18394160,"title":"Hollywood Smackdown: Battle of the Best Super Bowl Ads","duration":"1:28","description":"A-list celebrities make memorable cameos in Super Bowl commercials.","url":"/WNT/video/hollywood-smackdown-battle-best-super-bowl-ads-18394160","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}