A New Home for a Hero

After a devastating fire, an outpouring of support for Captain "Flip" Klein and his wife Jessica.
2:08 | 08/21/14

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Transcript for A New Home for a Hero
When captain -- -- flip Klein was severely injured in IED explosion Afghanistan two years ago. Losing both his legs and his right arm he thought he is survived the worst. Then last week he and his wife Jessica cheated death again when fire broke out their new home consuming the entire -- within minutes. We smelled smoke. -- started to Flickr. And then the alarm started going off they lost everything. This -- this actress tips to meet real people -- but today good news they're getting a brand new home it does not at all. The tunnel to towers foundation will build declines a new home outfitted with the latest technology. Often I can't he can control the -- the light the air conditioning. The doors opening and closing the kitchen cabinets are open up the bottom so if he wants a glass and -- in his wheelchair. He has to say can somebody get necklace -- -- plays and when Jessica learned they were moving to the top of the list. She was overwhelmed -- personals -- losing -- home and everything. And everything the contents were an -- when she found out that will move -- for the topical issue broke down she was very emotional she says I can't believe what you're doing for us as an American zone for yet. The half million dollar home would be paid for in part by a donation from The Home Depot foundation. A million dollars to build twenty homes for the most seriously injured veterans. And -- case. We're gonna get -- home -- we're there to support Clinton and down our passion about getting his home built as fast fox. And to -- it even more all the donations coming in will go to help build slip in Jessica's home. All the money coming in is going straight to flip back and justice house sold. We stability -- right away -- listening to pay attention these guy you know they looked at a big price for our country he needs your help right now our bravest Ottawa. Everett they're looking -- -- her you know than it let. I think that everything -- -- knowing that can actually get here reality Hughes. Rebecca Jarvis ABC news New York.

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{"id":25078614,"title":"A New Home for a Hero","duration":"2:08","description":"After a devastating fire, an outpouring of support for Captain \"Flip\" Klein and his wife Jessica.","url":"/WNT/video/home-hero-25078614","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}