Homecoming for Rare Set of Monoamniotic Identical Twins

The twins who won the world's heart holding hands at birth have a new milestone to share.
2:09 | 06/08/14

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Transcript for Homecoming for Rare Set of Monoamniotic Identical Twins
twins we showed you back here on mother's day and what they did moments after birth. Tonight here, the milestone just in time for father's day. It was the image an Ohio mother and so many now around the world will never forget. Her identical twins holding hands, just seconds after birth. It was so awesome and they were both holding hands and it was so great to hear them both cry. Reporter: Sarah and bill thistlethwaite's daughters Jenna and Jillian were already a triumph. A rare set of identical twins, mono mono twins. During pregnancy, they shared the amniotic sac. And were in constant contact in the womb. Their mother, on bedrest for weeks at Akron general medical center in Ohio. The twins constantly monitored. Doctors knew they could easily become entangled in each other's umbilical cords. But they were born healthy, at 33 weeks. And just before they were lifted up to be shown to their mother, the two newborns reaching for each other's hands. What was going through my hind? I don't know. I couldn't think. I started tearing up immediately. It was just -- it was beautiful. Reporter: After seeing that image, so many of you leaving me messages on Facebook. William writing, "One placenta, very rare. Mono mono and in this case, mano a mano." Another writing "That gives me goose bumps." And this viewer that wrote, "Holding hands, and I hope they will always hold hands throughout their lives." 118,000 likes, just on our Facebook pages alone. But this went all over the world. One of my high school friends lives in Australia and she sent me a message, just told me she saw me on her television in Australia. Reporter: And tonight here, a week before father's day, they sent us this. Look at the smiles as they walk out of Akron's children's hospital. Both in their car seats, their headbands in different colors to tell them apart. Jillian on the left, Janna enna on the right. Mom peering in for their first trip home. And before they left, a kiss from Jackson, who will now have his sisters at home. For weeks now, mom and dad had been driving an hour and a half back and forth every day to be with them. I am absolutely ecstatic to have our whole family under the same roof. Alert the neighbors. The whole family's coming home. "Good morning America" in the

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{"id":24050870,"title":"Homecoming for Rare Set of Monoamniotic Identical Twins","duration":"2:09","description":"The twins who won the world's heart holding hands at birth have a new milestone to share.","url":"/WNT/video/homecoming-rare-set-monoamniotic-identical-twins-24050870","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}