Homegrown Terror Plot Stopped by FBI Sting

Alex Perez has details on the arrest of alleged 18-year-old terrorist.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Homegrown Terror Plot Stopped by FBI Sting
We have more tonight on that bomb plot in chicago. An 18-year-old n accused of trying detonate his car bomb outside a bar, not knowing the fbi had given him a fake explosive. Abc's alex perez has all of the new details. In court today, his attorney said he is no terrorist. Prosecutors said he was determined to kill americans. According to court documents investigators tracked daoud for months. In one internet forum he allegedly wrote "i live in the united states of america/hypocrisy. I hate the oppression of the usa and I would love to do something that would hurt it from the inside." His target, according to investigators, a packed downtown bar friday night. The co-owner of cal's barnd liquors told abc he believes his bar was the target. The location matches the description in the affidavit. Authorities say daoud parked his jeep jerky with what he believed was a bar, walked away and then planned to detonate the device. That's when the fbi pounced. According to court papers he prepared a book report saying osama wasn't crazy for wanting to destroy america. This superpower killed millions of people. The teenager grew up and still lived with his parents on this quiet block in illinois today. Parents did not want to answer questions. You have no message to get across? . Reporter: And his fear is on emotional wreck and describes him as confused -- thank you so much alex perez reporting from chicago tonight. And we move next to the presidential election, 50 days

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{"id":17257625,"title":"Homegrown Terror Plot Stopped by FBI Sting","duration":"3:00","description":"Alex Perez has details on the arrest of alleged 18-year-old terrorist.","url":"/WNT/video/homegrown-terror-plot-stopped-fbi-sting-17257625","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}