Homeless Girl Makes Science Competition Finals

Teen girl overcomes obstacles to achieve success at Intel Science Competition.
3:00 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for Homeless Girl Makes Science Competition Finals
A young woman we thought you've just had to -- she is a teenager. She is homeless a situation that would grind almost anyone down but she just found a way. To -- what happened to her as a source of motivation a kind of rocket fuel and now I'm amazing achievement here's ABC's Dan Harris. Samantha Garvey is a seventeen year old who would rather read something called the journal of shellfish research then Glamour Magazine. I get so excited to tell people apparently must think has dentist. I become a completely different parcels of outside of Muslim muscles and grabs here listening to educate area India -- -- triple. -- -- -- -- That actually -- now. What is true is that this ceaselessly up BS four foot eleven dynamo was just named as the semi finalist in the prestigious. Intel national science competition. Her research on shellfish and blowing the judges away and she did that by overcoming this. Most recently a lead. Where they took from my home and where now currently living in a homeless -- -- It's an -- that her two younger siblings and their parents a nurse and a taxi driver. Were forced to give up their home even their family pets when the bills became too much and it wasn't the first time. -- -- -- -- leaving everything behind and just having to be brushed out of your -- what your whole you know it's just. -- -- and yes basically it studio album. But what she does have -- -- excelling without even a desk on which to do her homework. You have a nearly four point oh GPA -- number for your class. How do you do that. With all of the stretch you have outside of school. -- I don't even known to be honest I want to do better for myself you know I want. A better life so that's why try so hard that's my work so hard. If she wins an award of 100000. Dollars will be heard there are so many kids -- is -- now who through no fault of their own. Find themselves homeless -- What would you say to them. I -- willing Elliott coming from -- right there with you. And I hope things get better because they daily. A lesson from a young woman who is the American dream personified. Dan Harris ABC news Brentwood New York.

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{"id":15350528,"title":"Homeless Girl Makes Science Competition Finals","duration":"3:00","description":"Teen girl overcomes obstacles to achieve success at Intel Science Competition.","url":"/WNT/video/homeless-girl-makes-science-competition-finals-15350528","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}