Houston is slowly fighting to recover from Hurricane Harvey

Extreme flooding leads to dramatic rescues of residents and pets.
3:49 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for Houston is slowly fighting to recover from Hurricane Harvey
tonight, Houston is turning the corner, but as you can see just behind me, there are still so many rain-soaked neighborhoods, and now new dangers are emerging. Take a look at this. Extreme flooding and dramatic new rescues east of here. The sky filled with helicopters. An explosion and fire in a flooded chemical plant. The company expecting more to come. A hospital with no water and running out of supplies, all the patients there evacuated. And as the flood waters recede in some neighborhoods and families are coming back, a new assessment tonight. As many as 100,000 homes damaged by the storm. And tonight, clearly Harvey isn't done yet. ABC's Matt Gutman with some of the storms latest victims in Beaumont tonight. Reporter: Tonight, from the air -- Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas, the hardest hit by Harvey -- totally submerged. The U.S. Coast guard hammering through a roof to get families out. Some 200 patients on stretchers evacuated by helicopter at Baptist Beaumont hospital after the local water supply failed. In nearby Port Arthur, a nursing home flooded. Teams evacuating the most critical patients, lifting entire beds into boats. This morning, we teamed up with the U.S. Navy, aboard a Navy search and rescue chopper and we surveyed the water world below. Then an urgent call. A nearby dam is about to overflow. We touched down at pine forest elementary, just a few towns over, where families took shelter. People, hands clutched over mouths. People don't know what's going on. All of them are stranded, congregating here because this is one of the few dry areas around here. Basically nowhere for them to go, but up. Time is short. We jog in with the Navy rescuers. People everywhere. Until just now, this was a shelter. The little they brought in those bags. Now they are ordered to hurry. They can take even less. We're okay. We're okay. Reporter: We helped them to scramble together their essential belongings, while they hold back tears. While other rescuers carry out dogs, the family takes what they can. There may be about 50 to 100 people here, and all of them trying to evacuate. Nowhere for them to go here. They are taking their cogs, med sign, and phones. Whatever they can. Four members of the Mitchell family, plus four dogs, pile in. These are just few of the thousands that have needed rescue over the past few days as Harvey continues to wreak havoc. That Navy rescue crew comforting the families, frightened and shocked by their sudden displacement. The family grateful to have each other. Right now, we're taking them to another shelter at drier air area and higher ground. Rushing them away from the helicopter where they thank the rescuers with hugs. Then it's a sprint back to the helicopter. And Su And such an incredible rescue effort right there. Matt Gutman joins us from Texas. And tonight, those first responders help those families get to dry land and into shelters, there are new new and major concerns over the city's water supply? Reporter: That's right, Tom. Check out, this is the river. It is not forecast to crest until tomorrow. It's 7 feet above the record, and water is everywhere, but not a drop to drink. That water supply you mentioned, shut off city wide, and the lone operating hospital may have to shut down in 48 hours. They are already evacuating shelters here. One official telling me she simply doesn't know where to put these people, Tom. 48 hours. Matt Gutman with the crisis in beaumo in, T tonight.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Extreme flooding leads to dramatic rescues of residents and pets.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49550796","title":"Houston is slowly fighting to recover from Hurricane Harvey","url":"/WNT/video/houston-slowly-fighting-recover-hurricane-harvey-49550796"}