Hugh Grant's Phone Hack Ordeal

Actor takes the stand as a witness in the case against British tabloids.
1:57 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hugh Grant's Phone Hack Ordeal
Hollywood leading man Hugh Grant played a different kind of role today the star witness in -- sweeping investigation of great Britain's infamous tabloids. Grant -- he'd been victimized again and again by newspapers willing to break the law for the sake of the scope and that it happens all the time to people who aren't movie stars. If she's Kelly -- -- you'll watch it all in London. Today Britain's tabloid machine went on trial -- the star witness actor Hugh Grant -- -- do solemnly sincerely and truly. After years of being hunted by tabloids it was his turn to take game. It's main tactic being. Bullying intimidation blackmail. The British actor told a government panel investigating how tabloids get their stories that the newspapers hacked his phones stopped him. Even broke into his London home first group the license the tablet -- hats to -- Steel. British citizens. Purposely for that commercial profit very often vulnerable -- assistant. As the scandal. The actor even alleged that a tabloid paid off hospital staff for his medical records which to me is a gross intrusion. In my privacy. Earlier in the day the panel heard from the parents of murdered British school girl -- down -- Rupert Murdoch's tabloid the news of the world had hacked her phone. The leading her messages. Giving her family hope that she was alive. Backpacking of million dollars phone outraged Britain's brought down Murdoch's newspaper and put his media empire in the hot seat. -- the -- industry here is alive and well and very profitable. Question for the panel now whether it's time to rein them in. Harry Potter creator JK brownlee will testify to she sued -- Paper for printing a photo of her son in 2004. And actress -- hacking victim Sienna Miller. As this investigation drags the tabloids through the -- Kelly -- BA ABC news London.

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{"id":15002497,"title":"Hugh Grant's Phone Hack Ordeal","duration":"1:57","description":"Actor takes the stand as a witness in the case against British tabloids.","url":"/WNT/video/hugh-grant-testifies-phone-hacking-scandal-15002497","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}