Hundreds of severe weather reports across the US

Millions of people from Colorado to Virginia are bracing for more dangerous weather tonight.
2:02 | 06/23/18

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Transcript for Hundreds of severe weather reports across the US
Next to severe storms and ththreat, that funnel cloud in northern Georgia, some seven reported tornadoes ripping across at least four states, damaging winds slamming across E south, like there in Alabama, a system bringing blinding rains and high winds. Some 40 million people in the threat zone GHT. Sam champion with the latest. Reporter: Tonight, over 200 reports of seve weather across the country. With millions of people from Colorado to Virginia bracing for possibly more overnight. That, folks, right there that's it. Reporter: Since Friday, seven rerted tornadoes in fo different states. These clouds swirling and spinning in lama just miles from where an ef-2 tornado damad homes. Winds up to 30 miles per hour launching furniturrds away. Residents salvaging whatever they can from the wreckage. Lightning erupting over I-40 in Oklahoma. Torrential rain downing trees and damaging homes in Ville. Meanwhile, wheeler, texas,lso soaked. Along with wind gusts up tole 0 miles an hour making it impossible to even see out of th windshield. In Virginia, another round of storms after foding in Richmond on Friday. And Sam champion is joining us right now. Sam, more storms and watches in effect at th hour. Whit, they're popping up as go on air tonight. Ese brand-new storm watches are out from Colorado into Kansas, Oklahoma is involved. Now, Oklahoma City is in that one. To Virginia and rth Carolina here's why we think more storms will develop tonight. The natial weather service put out that yellow zone springs, Memphis, Chattanooga, ese storms could develop after the heat of the day and run L night long. Dodge city, Wichita, this could be very strong winds and yes, a few tornadoes. The S could be in cess of 90 miles per hour. Whit. Tens of millions of people in the zone. Sam, thanks so much. Appreciate it.

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{"id":56115507,"title":"Hundreds of severe weather reports across the US","duration":"2:02","description":"Millions of people from Colorado to Virginia are bracing for more dangerous weather tonight.","url":"/WNT/video/hundreds-severe-weather-reports-us-56115507","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}