Growing Hunger

The insatiable appetite for "Hunger Games" grows.
1:44 | 03/04/12

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Transcript for Growing Hunger
Let the games Begin the hunger games and tonight there's a brand new heroin -- -- the big screen. Here's Abbie Boudreau. Crazed fan up outside the century city California home just get a glimpse of the hunger games then -- In the slaying but -- -- this kind of fanatical frenzy. Vampires and -- moves in the twilight. -- -- and witches and Harry Potter and without. But no break out your -- -- -- for the post apocalyptic survival story. -- -- -- The movie is based on Suzanne collins' best selling book trilogy there are -- -- -- 3.5 million books in print in the US. And advance ticket sales have already broken -- This film is expected to bring in 100 million dollars. By the time opening later this month that's thirty million more than the first twilight movie in its opening weekend. Unlike twilight. It isn't a pure. Young fantasy romance it's a dark book that has these terrible scenes of violence. And unlike -- -- twilight the damsel in distress. Cat -- the female lead character in the hunger games. Doesn't need anyone's help to survive certainly not boys which has girls loving her. She's -- -- yeah. The only girl don't have to be pretty -- whenever they. Here's how late in the a goal and. Fans counting down the days and each passing minute yeah. -- want. -- the games. Abbie Boudreau ABC news. Los Angeles.

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{"id":15846703,"title":"Growing Hunger","duration":"1:44","description":"The insatiable appetite for \"Hunger Games\" grows.","url":"/WNT/video/hunger-games-movie-teen-film-hollywood-15846703","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}