Hunger at Home: Cafes Pitch In

Some restaurants are allowing families to pay only what they can.
3:00 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Hunger at Home: Cafes Pitch In
We've reported on the numbers here on world news one in four children growing up in families don't know where the next meal is coming from. Well tonight here the restaurants now reaching out allowing customers those very families to pay simply what they can. For years 57 year old Robert did it was a product -- forward was laid off three years ago when -- Michigan man is still looking for jobs. And yet here's what he's thankful for this holiday weekend the chance to volunteer -- -- care's cafe. Apparently -- provides him with a deal. He's been volunteering their since March and that so many others like. Some of them even come from management tears. And you know they are so hungry for. And the management helps them there are now three AmeriCares pet phrases they call them when in Missouri won in Michigan the other one in Portland -- him. The brainchild of -- -- CEO Ron -- It's just amazing to a you know many people question when does whatever work. We said that this was the right thing to -- and what you found is that some of these customers many in fact believe a little extra more to help the next family. Yeah a municipal skating forward and expect another -- Jenny told us sometimes she can pay some time she -- but at this cafe to pick. Com 34 times a week when I have a lot of extra money out of that extra money even when -- Nike. Powell and sad to see if -- OK if I -- You know maybe pay later. Each -- care's cafe serves 3500 people every week on a case by case basis the cafe will suggest to a customer what they might be able to afford -- 60% pay that amount 20% pay little little more hoping what little -- -- dupage will help the next -- yeah. This customer told -- -- people placed in more. Everybody can walk in the door and he served a meal and eat. And that's not. That's becoming a luxury in this country. The Marist mission similar to one celebrated by the one world everybody eats foundation and a woman who opened the very first -- you can restaurant eight years ago. Since then -- -- read his restaurant to serve more than 2151000. Meals she in the team has mentored the eighteen other restaurants fifty more might soon -- Singer Bon Jovi soul kitchen in New Jersey among the restaurants added along the way. -- 180 and -- Colorado 2150. People it's Thanksgiving table Grayson Omaha Nebraska -- forty. Every day even trading some of those people for restaurant -- and panera they're just getting started. Hoping to serve a billion people of their program is next year. Billion people in this next year and since we first. -- reporting on hunger at home right here on ABC news you've donated enough money to help more than one point six million Americans get the meals they need. And if -- still like to help this policy -- Slash help or you can simply text meal NE AL 250555. At the ten dollar donation will be given to feeding America.

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{"id":15030422,"title":"Hunger at Home: Cafes Pitch In","duration":"3:00","description":"Some restaurants are allowing families to pay only what they can.","url":"/WNT/video/hunger-home-starving-america-15030422","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}